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Talking to my father about that shootout in Salt Lake City, first thing he asks, "Was he Muslim?".
I broke my fucking mouse. Out of the box the left click was acting weird (randomly doubleclicking, losing grip on click+dragging, generally spazzing out) but it'd only happen for a little bit before I wouldn't experience it again for weeks, so I didn't bother to do anything about it. Well, it started again while I was trying to do some work and out of intense frustration I mashed the left click a bunch of times trying to get it to do what I wanted and now it's barely clicking at all. Fuck sake, why am I such an angry brute?? Silver lining, I could at least rebind one of the G buttons to left click til I can get it replaced, I didn't get a warranty but Logitech is apparently super generous with replacements, don't have to tell them I fucked it up, it's only a few months old...
I feel that I am better than everyone else, and at the same time I believe I am worthless and I hate myself for it, and at the same time believe I am just as stupid as every other human being. I don't understand what's going on in my head, am I really this stupid? Do we all think this way or what?
Well retail work usually wants you to commit murder-suicides multiple times daily, but I'll share a little story that really got me pissed off today. So I did a 7.5 hour shift today, which due to labour laws means I get a 20 minute break at some point in that time, so about 5 hours into the day I take my break and by chance I need to get some extra jeans so I pop down and grab them whilst I can get my employee discount. Anyway backstory established, I'm waiting in the line for the tills (it's built up to about 5 people by this point) and I'm wearing a open zip up hoodie over my work t-shirt, so if you look anywhere near me it's obvious I work at the store due to graphic t-shirt, so this man at the front of the queue says to his wife "why is he standing in the queue when he could be serving us, it's disgraceful" or something to that degree (it was a while ago), I genuinely wanted to go off on him but knowing that if I even said anything I'd probably be reprimanded made me even angrier. He also apparently complained to my co worker at the till about the lack of staff as well. Whilst this doesn't sound too bad on it's own when your job consists of basically tidying up after twats who can't be arsed to put stuff back you tend to go a little fed up when people are absolute twonks to you.
I used to work in retail and yeah I feel ya. If I pick up something and later decide I don’t want it, I’ll go back and put it in the exact spot I picked it up from, even have it facing the customers so it looks presentable. And although I haven’t worked in retail in years, I still catch myself doing little tidy ups when I’m shopping, eg if another customer knocked something off of a shelf, I’ll put it back. A shame that so many people just don’t give a shit. It always made me livid when I saw people dump perishable goods such as dairy milk and meat in the long life sections.
theres a super fun steam train tour that goes past the paddock behind my house on a sunday and blows its super fun train horn 6 times a day
I have an infected tooth I fucking hate teeth suck my nads enamel deficiency, ugh. the right side of my face is puffing up. I don't have my dental info for work and can't call Delta because it's a holiday. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa I just wanna rip it out with vice grips
American designs taking Japanese ones that were perfectly fine and twisting the shit out it. Example: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/230956/6a7fe5d6-0690-4ce4-b62a-f7a63be919f3/image.png I know I'm complaining about something ancient, but when characters had that dorky ass smile (right) it bothered me, even as a kid. Yes, I'm aware American designs usually try to make things edgier/less cutesy. But that doesn't always work so well.
When trying to make plans with someone who rarely ever browses their messages. God damn, I'd sure love not to be in this house all the time but that's proving really fucking difficult.
So, my older brother and his wife came over for lunch today. His wife was talking about her trip to Europe, and then out of nowhere my dad (who's pretty conservative and buys into batshit insane conspiracy shit) decided to bring up the fucking Yellow Vest protesters in the middle of the conversation. My mom then proceeded to joke about fucking joining them. After the awkward silence that came after, my dad said something along the lines of "looks like I hit a nerve there". Needless to say, this was not the time to be talking about that sort of shit and joking about being a fascist.
Wait, what? Are you genuinely so misinformed that you'd conflate a popular movement, supported by about half of the country, with fascists?
Sorry, I actually wasn't aware that there were other people doing yellow vest protests besides far-right racists. Still, it was obvious that my dad was referring to the fascist kind of yellow vest protesters.
The fact that everyone thinks everything is racist, fascist, transphobic, etc. and/or have to immediately jump toward "you're fucking shit" if somebody else shows an even slightly different view on things. Not everything is political. Those words (-ist words) are used too much. Stop trying to push your politics into everything, and into what you do. Why can't people just be fucking kind to each other and not immediately try to actively search for some sort of sign to get upset or offended about.
Religion may be declining, dogma is unfazed.
Well, you've got, you know, the original French movement? The only one of actual significance so far? Really makes me wonder what kind of bullshit is peddled by media abroad about what happens in my own country.
Flooded my living room doing maintenance on my aquarium filter.
This reminds me of the whole ‘globalism’ thing. I don’t think a single person outside of North America ever says that word. Globalisation is certainly used on the other hand, to refer to the natural process of the world becoming better-connected as technology improves. But in North America, that process of globalisation is somehow interpreted as an -ism; an ideology?
People with toxic positivity make me want to puke. Sure,being positive is good,but you can't just pretend to be blind on your surroundings., You need to be aware on condition too
New chapter in the "God fucking dammit Google stop fucking helping me" saga. Did you know: If you remove a contact in Google, you lose 100% of the information associated with that contact? Sure you lose the obvious stuff like any contact info but did you also know you lose: All call history with that person Every text message you've ever sent or received with that person All voicemails with that person All locally-stored backups of the above Zero warnings about that! I can't seem to find any documentation on that behavior anywhere. It's just something Google decided it needed to help with :333333 Anyway this is fucking me up right now because I had a falling out with my parents around six months ago. We had an exchange of heated text messages and I decided I didn't want to speak to them for a while. Unfortunately, with one of the newer Android updates Google was putting absolutely MASSIVE, no joke like over half of the screen-size buttons for my Mom and Dad contacts that would call them instantly if I were to accidentally click on them. After trying for several days to try to figure out how to remove or reduce the size of those buttons to no avail I resolved to just remove them as contacts so Google wouldn't """""""help""""""" me open a massive fucking can of worms I wasn't ready or willing to open. Now, my sister is actually making in-roads with them discussing what happened, in a way that might actually get us our first-ever meaningful resolution to a conflict like this. She asked me for the SMS messages we exchanged so she knows what she's dealing with... and they're gone. I didn't delete them, I didn't close the conversations, I didn't do anything with them. I specifically didn't because I wanted to hold onto them for later on the off-chance I needed evidence of what had occurred. Google scrubbed them. I have spam texts before and after the time of the incident from people who aren't contacts of mine, and texts with contacts before and after.... but every text message I've had with my parents are gone and with it probably our chances of reconciling our family problems because one of the major reasons why we've had so much trouble is the amount of denial of what was said/texted. So, thanks, Google, your unilateral decision to fuck with something you were neither instructed nor requested to may have just ruined a chance I had at fixing a really shit portion of my life. And before anyone asks, yes I've tried data recovery apps. It's all gone. I even rooted my phone and checked to see if I could recover them that way. No dice. Nothing.
Jesus, that's actually incredibly fucking shitty. Hopefully, you'll manage to find some other way to resolve the drama between your parents.
People who are, for all intensive purposes, completely unrelated to me being incredibly nosy about what I'm doing or what I've done wrong recently. I'll give an example; I am rather fortunate and go to a really good magnet school where most of us, including myself, take our education seriously. For some reason, however, I have friends who have friends in the "study 12 hours a day and do frankly unnecessary AP shit" clique who I occasionally talk to. My direct friends are chill and enjoyable to be around, but some people in the latter group just get on my nerves. I have a really rough time getting to class as I live 30 minutes from the campus where we take them and am about 3-4 months away from getting my provisional license, so I have to wake up at 6:30am for a 2 hour metro commute and honestly I occasionally sleep late and miss my morning class, maybe once or twice a month. I understand perfectly well that missing class that often isn't really good but I'm getting an A and a high B in my two morning classes so I really don't care to be honest. What really pisses me off is when my peers, people my age with their own adolescent problems, start condescendingly critiquing me and feigning interest in my academic life. I feel like they don't really care because we honestly aren't close; I know who they are but we never associate outside of the communal bus pickup area at the end of the day. One of them in particular is a really smart asian kid; we used to be close in my freshman year but since we stopped taking classes together we've grown apart. Every time we talk the only subject he seems to be interested in is the fact that I mostly play video games in my down time instead of constantly, constantly studying for classes that aren't really going to be relevant to my current intended professional field. He seems to enjoy calling my life "a mess," and while I've stopped letting it get to me as I know it's really not true, it's honestly incredibly annoying to hear something that condescending from someone my age who I know for a fact has his own array of problems to attend to. Focus on your own life, please.
Only thing you can to is to cut yourself off from toxic people, tbh
fucking fantastic I'm missing a dress sock
I tried that, but unfortunately it didn't work.
It's so sad that when someone adds me on Discord and the only mutual server is Facepunch, I know it's going to be about rust.
How do you reckon should I get rid of the rust on a 95 E class?
People who hang around wikias and undo everyone's edits just for the sake of undoing edits.
My performance at work is getting worse and I know it isn't going to get better unless I get medicated now. I just want to quit for a while before I inevitably get fired, just so maybe I can salvage relations and come back to it when I'm healthier
I was recently promoted to a supervisory position at my job. I never call out. Unless I am gravely ill or vomiting blood a la 28 days later. Seriously, in almost a year, I've missed a single day of work. My sister and brother in law are visiting and they live in Seattle, with the rest of us living in Alabama, so visiting is rare. All of us are staying at my parents home so we can all hang out and whatnot. I used my vacation days to be off work thursday and friday of last week, and since today is their last day here before they head home, I worked yesterday and called out today so we could all hang out together as a family one more time. When I told my folks I called out, my mom was happy because we could all be together for one more day and my dad just shook his head pissily with disapproval. I jokingly said "oh dont you shake your head at me" and he got.. like violently aggressive about it. Out of absolute nowhere. Bowing up at me and pointing his finger in my face, threatening me about "dont you ever fucking talk like that to me again" and "who the fuck do you think you are." So I backed off and tried to get some space between us while he does his tantrum tirade, let about an hour pass, and I went back and apologized for how it sounded and that it was just a joke, that I wasn't being genuine. He comes back at me with the same attitude as before, "you're lucky you didnt say that to someone else," "if I was another man you'd have been up against the wall," "if you say that to someone out in the real world you'd be missing some teeth," and of course ending it with "I know you're young and think you know everything but you're fucking up. You just got that promotion and you're fucking up. And it pisses me off when you do." So now I'm pretty sure that hes just going to be a chickenshit the entire fucking day, ruining the last day that we had together as a family before everyone scatters again, just because he overreacts and absolutely can't be challenged by anyone. Ever. Fucking F.
If it makes you feel any better my dad put me in a chokehold for questioning his undying loyalty to God Emperor Trump.
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