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whenever someone is replied to with a paragraph or two and they respond with "lol bro chill out you didn't need to type that much" i think it's lazy and stupid to say length of post doesn't mean much, it's the content of the post that matters
https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1127483179319697408?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1127483179319697408&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231127483179319697408 Why am I not shocked that this perverted POS thinks asexual people are inferior human beings?
As someone utterly guilty of this I'l have you know that I spend most of my ingame time with notifications disabled because 5 seconds of downtime can easily cost me a 3 hour match of AoE II or most other RTS games.
I know I've brought this up for the third time now, but I keep seeing these nasty news reports on this. Why does no school in existence do anything about bullying? It's always like this: Making someone say "sorry" doesn't stop the bully. Making the victim move to a different school doesn't stop the bully. And relocating the victim rather than the bully sometimes makes it worse for the victim. Teachers saying "Oh I'm sure he didn't mean it!" does nothing. Teachers saying "Oh I'm sure you two can work it out!" does nothing. Teachers saying "Oh I'm sure it was just an accident." does nothing. This is one I've heard so many times. Of course the harasser is gonna say "Uhh, yeah. It was an accident." Teachers saying "Well it's in the past now. Nothing I can do." is beyond stupid. I've also heard this one a lot. Simply saying "Bullying is nOt TolErAtED here!! >={" means nothing if that isn't enforced. If you fight back against the bully, the victim gets in trouble. If you tell a teacher instead, you get this "tattle tale" rep. Double-edged sword. Woo. Using the "Well don't do X if you don't wanna get bullied!" is just a lazy, doofy excuse. Sure, you shouldn't embarrass yourself, but it's not a "free pass" to be douchy to someone. What is it about stepping inside American schools that makes all logic disappear?
Seeing how many Devs Epic Games pays, just to get them puplish their new games as Epic Fail Exclusive
That you're intelligent enough to realize you're socially awkward but not to prevent social awkwardness.
It annoys me so goddamn much when people say it's not possible to harshly punish leavers in online competitive games because "What if someone's internet drops???" Like, if your internet is honestly so shitty that it can't survive a 10-15 minute round of online play, you shouldn't be playing competitive team-based games at all, simple as that. So yes, penalize them until they get the fucking message if you have to. There are so many singleplayer and casual-multiplayer games out there. There's literally no excuse for shitting up someone else's competitive experience with your Walmart-brand internet for the sake of being inclusive.
My electric piano broke, all I wanted to do was to make it use a VST from my laptop in order to make it sound nicer and it just shat itself. It was a very expensive instrument too so I have no freaking clue what to do at the moment.
In particular, when Chris got stabbed and nearly died, every family at fault suddenly found themselves with fully compensated legal backing by an outside lobbying agency. They got the CCTV footage stricken from the court record because the recording of Chris being nearly murdered by eight other students "didn't have sound" so they couldn't have been sure whether Chris instigated it, you know, as if there was anything you could say where someone driving a razor blade into your ribs is suddenly justifiable.
Just lost 2 hours or so of progress in a Persona 5 palace because some random mook enemy used a team nuke attack that critted 3 times in a row and wiped a full health team through sheer RNG. I just want to find a way to forget the past 2 hours of my life now so redoing all the events isn't as painful.
@Jacketto dude you need to explain your dumb rating because it came way after my post about the abuse of children stuff I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt because I don't think you meant to imply what it seems like you did.
Lmao where the hell does that come from? Did you @ users at random? I literally have no fucking idea what you're referring to.
He was @ing users that rated him dumb
You've gotta start the vitcim blaming early, it starts a rhetoric of well if they didn't want to be bullied, they shouldn't of made themselves a target which they then carry later into life.
When you want to talk about anything but drama yet it's all that's being talked about.
What the fuck happened in this thread while I was asleep?
I'm pretty sure he had some other unrelated opinion in the same post, which is what people were rating dumb.
Literally fighting back against bullies is the only thing that's worked for me. It's taught me to totally disregard the rules from a young age given the amount of shit it's gotten me in, though funnily enough fighting back was encouraged in my school back in Spain, and if I said that some shitfucker was bullying me they'd believe it.
I wish I could be born again
"Joycon controller"
Yeah, something about people who don't have a stable internet connection being assholes for playing competitive games.
One of my coworkers is the type of person who's insecure about their intelligence, so they look for any possible mistake or misstep others make in order to rant and rave at them about "how don't you know this" or "you're doing this wrong". She really only does it to me though, she doesn't like me for some stupid reason and has decided to single me out. Here's the main issue though, and why she feels insecure about her intelligence: she's a fucking idiot. Her IQ is probably lower than room temperature. I know IQ isn't a valid standard but you know what I mean. 90% of everything she whines or yells at me about, she is objectively and provably wrong about. 9% is stuff she's right about... but I'm already doing. 1% is actual, legitimate advice. None of this has been whining or yelling though. also, for that last 10% she's actually right about: she only follows that advice herself about a third of the time anyway. She has unironically said "how often does the health inspector check anyway" as an argument against doing her job correctly. Thankfully I turned her around on that. For the most part anyway. She's yelled at me for looking at her doing her work - not over her shoulder, just from across the room - as "distracting" and "rushing me". I was talking to a customer, and couldn't hear them over her blabbing to a coworker about their social lives. I did a "shh" hand motion to them so I could do my job, and she starts ranting "I am an uh-DULT, I don't neeed this, I don't care if you do thaat. Don't point at me like I'm a chiild." That's when it started, actually. That's when she started singling me out. I asked a different coworker about "what is her problem with me", and he said "yeah, it was asking her to be quiet".
Yeah. To be fair, there are times where I watch rather than look. but this is only when I'm waiting on her to finish something so I can take it and start doing my job After that time she yelled at me for watching her, you know, do her job, I decided "fuck it, I'll just not look in their direction for a while, I'll see if she has a point. I don't like getting yelled at, either." The very next time I'm working again, I send her and her section of work a ticket to do something. Something that happens all the time. I wait, I wait, and then get to the point where I think "she really should have been done by now". I look at her, she's not doing jack shit. Nor are the other people she works with in her section. I tell her, and she's and her team start yelling "how were we supposed to know, the ticket didn't go through, you need to communicate with us, why don't you communicate with us when you notice something is wrong". Granted, there legitimately was an issue where the ticket didn't go through the system. But... I can't know that if I don't look in their general direction. So now I look at her doing her job as much as I fucking want. She's tried confronting me about it a few times since, but I just stare at her until she goes back to doing her job.
Nope not anymore.
I think you didn't get my hint. That's how kids behave when they like each other.
The back tire on my bike is broken, so that means I have to either walk everywhere or ask my coworkers to drive me to the grocery store, or any place I need to go, and of course I don't have a car nor a license. Why the fuck does it seem like every time something marginally good happens to me, something bad has to happen to me just to even it out? Can I not have one good thing happen to me without it instantly be taken away?
Not having the ability to drive, I see so many good deals on various items that I could go get through various online market places, but I just don't have the mobility to do it, instead having to rely on favours from family members.
But on the flipside, you don't have to pay for the fuel, maintaining a car and taxes on it, which probably ends up saving you a good bit of cash.
yeah but cool stuff ;-; You are right though.
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