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That's certainly a distressing thread title.
That recent tweet doesn't help.
Thanks for getting my interest perked enough to go looking through his tweets deep enough to discover what a tremendous amount of wack ass posting he does lol
@garry Do you still get Emails from that Andrew guy that has been spamming you for like seven years?
it's good cardio though
Piqued my interest as well, what a load of horseshit.
If you're posting a youtube video just post the video url.
Why has taliyah been on a ban spree since day 1. They're like TH89/Maxofs2d all over again. I've never even been banned by them but just the event log is always full of bans from them, more than ANY other mod.
probably has something to do with them being one of the most active mods in SH and PD, unless you think any ban from them isn't deserved?
because that's literally her job
Because they're doing their job
how come a mod deleted the op in this thread but the thread itself didn't vanish
It's separate from the thread itself. The thread can exist but the OP's post can be deleted. It used to be back in vB that if you deleted the OP, you'd silently delete the thread too.
i feel like hezzy has to pay a little bit more attention still love you bb
tbf I skimmed through the threads and didn't see this one my OP was better tho
op updated
Tbh not banning enough
can someone just hack the forums and add in a 'popular' function?
Could we not let the GMF become OIFY lite, it's getting a little shitposty outside of the designated shitposting area (you know, the actualy OIFY lite) that was setup.
The GMF is just porn threads now anyways? like outside of 3 threads, i can't think of anything that isn't the porn threads or the oify lite that was setup?? Not that it matters since the GMF's already very OIFY lite-ish anyways. There are still mods who enforce rules there though so you shouldn't worry about it.
Can Ryker be permabanned? Literally three quarters of his posts have been shitposts. Search
I know "caring about ratings" is typically looked down upon, but - theoretically speaking - is giving a diamond to a post about a dead child murdered by the New Zealand shooter (as well as giving an additional diamond to the original post) considered ratings abuse and/or trolling? Is that, perhaps, something of a worthwhile exception to look into? https://twitter.com/catcherbloc/status/1106960752404021248 I'm not going to derail the thread to whine about mean ratings - but, I am going to ask if, contextually speaking, this can be recognized as a different circumstance?
Giving a diamond to an OP post about important bad news is the equivalent to people giving Reddit Gold to important bad news on Reddit. They probably didn't give it because they enjoy the bad news.
The situation was handled so I'll just briefly address it - that wasn't quite the case. You can see the thread for context. The mods handled it so I don't want to drag it out.
I remember there was a time/rule where trolling ratings in tragedies i.e. winner on a tragedy did result in bans. It wasn't that long ago but not sure if it's still something effective. I do know rating spam was also a bannable offense too. Though whatever the action may be, I do strongly suggest to ignore those users either way. They've already proven themselves as cowards that can't make even really make an argument, so they just hide behind a few pixels and drive by threads looking for reactions.
Maybe Marphy will stop rating everything late now. Who am I kidding.
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