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the myon on knockout is not the real myon. dont believe their lies
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/301471/6fca9150-904b-4b47-bc9d-89f06ab00763/image.png Hey since when did you become Todd Howard.
I'm not sure if this is the thread to talk about moderator actions or not but Download's ban here seems to be a misunderstanding. When he says NZ shooters have to move fast, I think he means hobbyists, not like mass shooting shooters.
Seems like it @Download you're free to go
Thanks. I brought this up in the discord but I'm not sure any of the mods noticed. Also if someone is condoning mass shootings they should be getting more than 24hrs.
Was probably misunderstood as being a strange joke
https://twitter.com/garrynewman/status/1112044394398527491 doubt it also, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did know offhand because of FP employees.
I am genuinely curious to know if any of the FP studios employees are regulars here.
Layla's been shitposting in EGS threads so theyre probably at least aware Concerning Knockout any ETA on github or steam logins? Thats the main thing stopping me. That and a better mobile layout
FYI, I'm cool with knockout. My plan was to do some backend way to make these forums so people could make their own clients, and have the main client on github that people could contribute to. If everyone happily moves to knockout before I do that.. then there's no reason for me to do it because the goal will have been achieved.
Based Garry.
if you decide to end the forums could you add a redirect to knockout?
If you do decide to end the forums, could you please not decide to end the forums?
that is awesome. if you do decide to leave it to us, rest easy knowing that we already do that backend stuff for knockout: https://knockout.chat:3000/subforum the API is fully open so anyone can go and make their c64 client or whatever thanks a lot for showing up garry. that's what everyone wanted the most, clarification
For someone who has no idea how this stuff works, what does this mean exactly? Is the end goal to make it easier for the community to host their own forums before fp shuts down, or is it a way to make development more open so the forums can stay up? Cause the one where fp doesn't shut down sounds really cool
In dumb terms it means anyone can make a frontend, forums display, app etc. Only thing Garry/FP would need to work with is the backend which is whatever frontend app someone developers would interface with.
The idea of a native FP Android app that isn't a web wrapper is making my dick wet
So Facepunch isn't dead
No, it seems like he pretty much confirmed its going to close imo.
Will bans on here carry over to Knockout? Asking before I tell people to go fuck themselves for bad opinions.
wickedplayer is in knockout
Fuck. brb banning self
Well, it's a different site and it'd be insanely difficult to track who's banned here and should be banned there, so I'm not asking mods to pre-ban anyone, but... https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/7e061680-90dc-4556-b40f-ad331fba231f/image.png ...most people don't learn from their mistakes anyway.
I would still appreciate some work to help facilitate the move over to knockout. I appreciate that you would want to give the forums a graceful end instead of killing it outright.
I don't think there's any confirmation. The way it reads is that garry will just follow the crowd The future of the site lays solely on if the majority of users migrate or not Thinking outside of general forum discussion, I don't think Facepunch loses too much if Rust/S&/Etc. if discussions are all moved off to other sites such as Reddit/Discord/Steam.
Going with this mindset at this point would be delusional. The forums are shutting down - there's not a single hope otherwise. Garry isn't going to continue running things just because we're still here, and the offer to open up back-end stuff honestly doesn't mean much with Knockout in development.
that said i wouldnt mind having a subforum for facepunch games if garry wanted it.
Please make the ban length display a proper time instead of hundreds of hours. I don't want to break out my calculator to find out how bad someone fucked up.
168 hours = 7 days. (And a month is 720 hours.) It's not too terribly difficult. Though I do agree proper time formatting would be better.
Please make all ban lengths in minutes, and randomize them within 10%.
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