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So does all this backend talk mean that we will be able to migrate our accounts? Will knockout be able to draw on FP's existing structure? Posts? I am still confused.
It's nice to see Garry doing some good before the end, I was pretty certain we would never hear from him again. Hopefully this rules out sudden death and we get some heads up.
Would there be any chance at getting a Garry's Mod subforum for Knockout? Bit of a long shot I feel like, but as a long time Facepunch user, the GMod sections I've probably spent at least half of my time in. I'd hate to see all of the Q&A, "hey look I made a thing" threads like the WIP thread, server events, etc. all condensed into a single megathread. We have our own little corner of Facepunch, what will happen once it finally dies? Yeah /r/gmod exists but Reddit is a terrible place for the type of engagement you get from a forum like FP to be honest, it just isn't the same.
Damn, quite some things happened over the last couple of days. I just wanted to share, like many did, the great and fantastic times I had on this forums. It offered something to me that I could not find anywhere else online. Over the years I've tried to find similar sites but somehow I never found anything like Facepunch. This forums had great discussions that could actually be followed, also some great quality posts and threads. It had just such a ludicrious amount of diverse topics and sections. I spent many hours reading through threads and posts, following news, games, music and much more. The community itself was always large but there was a sense of familarity among the users, you kind of recognized posters by their avatar and name, people created identities and that was so entertaining. Of course, there were lots of forums shenanigans going on and I was permad quite a bit because I joined this forum in 2005, where I was just a little shit not knowing jack shit. All I really want to say is that I spent an amazing time on this site, exchanged views and learnt quite a bit for myself. Met people in real-life and enjoyed the relationships that I built up with various users. Facepunch gave me solace in times where I was at a low point. I know that this is only a forum in the end but I like to believe that my beliefs and some of the characters traits where shaped by this very forum. It accompanied me through my teens and adulthood, looking up old posts is like a time capsule and makes me feel incredibly nostalgic. Thank everyone who put so much effort in creating this great community, it's been a blast at least for me.
It should already be fixed?
I would say it would still be worthwhile to implement your plan for Facepunch anyway, as people do seem enthusiastic about it now that you've brought it up, and it could bring about a slight burst of life. However, if such a day were to come where most have left for greener pastures and you decide to "shutdown" the forums (sans GMoD/Rust/S&box, considering your talk of integrating the forums into the games), would it be possible to make it into a pseudo-archive? That is, as Qbe mentioned, lock the non-Facepunch Studios forum sections and allow users to just read through them (whilst also bringing back the Oldpunch redirects)? In such a scenario, you could even enlarge the character limit for non-OP posts and fix any remaining migrated posts that were otherwise broken by the move, since no new posts could be made that could use the enlarged limit. And of course, it's merely a pseudo-archive, since users can still come in and delete their account and data as per the forums' implementation of GDPR.
Can confirm. Just tried. It works.
Why is it that some non-spambot threads are getting removed? I was under the impresion only spambot threads get deleted but a few seemingly shitposty threads also got deleted as well. If they were simply locked it would easier to see what's the reason why they were locked to begin with, right now I'm just wondering why the last 5 threads removed on the Event Log were removed to begin with as none of the users that made them got banned.
Nah it was a pbanned alt.
Is it possible to serve the forum data on port 80 with web contents instead of 3000? I can't actually view the forum sadly because of mobile data not allowing me outside of standard web ports, so the page is just a menu and no content. A passthrough on the web software to port 3000 from your port 80 and /data/ or whatever would suffice to keep the services separate if that's why it's on a different port.
Honestly super relieved to see garry post on the matter and react in that way. I feel like everything regarding knockout/fp will go much smoother now. Gives me optimism atleast. Would be interesting to see garry post on knockout
in more precise options nginx proxy pass. In the server block, you can use the server_name key with the knockout domain to only listen to requests that hit that domain server {     server_name knockout.chat;     listen 443;     listen [::]:443;     error_page 497 https://$host$request_uri;     ssl on;     ssl_certificate         [redacted]     ssl_certificate_key     [redacted]     location / {         proxy_pass;         etc... I skipped apache entirely just so I can learn how to nginx good. I like it.
Hot damn, didn't realize this. Thanks a bunch!
You're still encouraged to use multiple auth methods for the 1 account in case of any further issues. Would encourage the same on knockout as well.
Thanks for fixing facebook auth Garry
How do you add multiple ones though?
I had no idea this was actually possible, since clicking on the Edit Profile button only lets you change your avatar & email.
I don't get why anyone would try a ban-me on two new Forums. We got out of Oldpunch, it's a clean slate. Knockout is a new forum as well Don't be a dick in general... Common sense????
Well before FP shuts down I plan to get banned on here. At this point, you're weird if you DON'T get banned on FP. It's like an inauguration.
Feel kind of bad about how Garry was going to sunset the forums in the best possible way but Knockout came along
It's sad to see facepunch forums go. Even though I don't post much, this place is practically my second home now.
some guy is putting drawn child porn on the discord channels
I thought they were all locked.
He was goin through all the FP discords on the discord list lmao
To add to this, it may not work unless you've actually seen his profile in Discord for some reason. If you're in the official FP Discord, you can go to #server-log and find his profile there though.
I like the way knockout is developing but I'm really not a fan of the css design regarding avatar/backgrounds on medium width with standard scale (light theme). It's distracting and my eyes keep going left instead of reading the posts. It's not just the background/avatars either as that still happens on users that don't have them. Facepunch has the same issue but it's not anywhere near as noticeable and it doesn't bother me.
S'getting borked again.
Just wanted to add what many have said already about this place being a great community and I'm glad to have found and followed this forum the last 14 years. I'm on Knockout already and still checking here until it goes down for good! Thanks y'all.
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