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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/c16824a4-bd6b-46b4-b4fc-2158c52d2a0f/image.png we've finally reworked auth on Knockout. please give it a go on the testing site, and fill this: https://forms.gle/uuqg2mbxDGH27Bo47 it's really really important that this all works nicely. give feedback on the knockout thread or on our discord, please!
Done and done, they all seem to be working (at least for me). Although I just noticed on the test site for whatever reason the Popular Threads sidebar is mostly off screen (on the left, can't scroll). Looks fine on Knockout.chat however.
test doing everything, posting, rating, creating threads, anything that requires you to be logged in
Tested all those (Check the GD). Seems to work. Did uncover two(?) issues which I assume are unrelated to accounts. 1) Attempting to create a thread without a title gives appropriate error message, but choosing icon and thread title text field no longer visible?   (Have to go back and restart to properly create thread) 2) Rating OPs requires refreshing page to see rating (Not sure if this one is an issue, but I noticed I can see ratings on reply posts instantly so :shrug:
Its the thread information widget, someone has a huge arabic username thats not being ellipsized correctly.
I can't find the Creepy Thread somewhere. I'm so desperate to know that Back To The Future did 9/11.
You'd probably like the game Hypnospace Outlaw, it's a very similar premise to that thread.
I keep getting runtime errors when i post.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. Also notifications aren't working. Again.
At this point I'm looking forward to when facepunch becomes completely unusable so that there is no debate over whether to continue posting here or not.
I did let Garry know about this.
in case you couldn't log in to knockout or didn't want to use google, good news: authentication 2.0 is in! Knockout Development v2 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/422e8ddc-d6a5-42ba-b1c1-676b1387eff1/image.png
Small FAB icons for the login providers would be a nice touch.
yep, ill be doing that soon
it's pretty stupid to ban for this https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/155/f934d2f6-ea25-46c6-bfe4-d4130aaaba0a/image.png when it's just following the example mods are setting https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/155/e2ec9c60-32e0-4252-9717-b7826025fae0/image.png but in all honestly, it's not surprising
Kind of out of context, don't you think? From what I can tell, OvB post was clearly in an effort to get some thread about science or the environment back on track.
Very much out of context considering the entire thread in OvB's(wasn't just OvB btw) example was off topic(due to bad source from an OP and was told to correct it) and that news source topic could have been dealt with here post source change rather than it continuing in that thread. Additionally if you're going to not include the full ban reason. >You don't have to like Star Citizen but have the decency to stfu about things you know nothing about when having an adult conversation. Don't tell people to shut the fuck up. Doesn't matter if right or wrong. This is not how to behave when debating. Seem's much different than telling people to get back on topic and talk about bad news sources here? Yikes.
Is it against the rules for me to sell/discussing the selling of drugs to other forum members?
Most likely yes. Rule of thumb is if you have to ask it's probably not a good idea to post lol
it's something that could've been done without telling people to shut the fuck up, much like how elix could've got his point across without telling someone to shut the fuck up, except he doesn't have the benefit of having a green name. so yes, yikes indeed. for the record i don't have a problem with ovb telling people to shut the fuck up, it's the lack of consistency i have a problem with.
What if I make one sided posts/replies on knockout and on facepunch so technically it isnt a real convo on either since its split apart on two different websites. It'll simply appear to be strange posts of people talking to themselves.
How about you use discord
literally the worst suggestion use something that at least has e2e encryption
FP had a stroke for a second there
Azure probably on the shits
So I just found out this forum is shutting down. Is there any efforts to archive the threads posted here? I liked looking at the threads for games leading up to/ around their release
This might not be the right place, but I don't know where else to ask. Did the ARMA III thread in the Games subforum get deleted / hidden? I cannot find it via search, Google, and not even in my post history.
Do you remember the op? This is the most recent one I found and it's from a user that deleted their account it seems. https://forum.facepunch.com/games/bszuc/ARMA-3-The-Realistic-Sandbox-War-Simulator
Here's your answer. There won't be much to archive because people delete their accounts and destroy hundreds of posts. Also yes, Arma has no megathread atm, that is the latest one.
There wasn't even any technology involved in this. Dude just thought we should all just connect to each other in our dreams telepathically.
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