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i did it
don't question egg
god my fucking hands hurt why do the joycons have to be made for tiny babby japanese hands
I guess its supposed to be something from someone who draws food as cute'ish humanoids? Unless the Egg Cup meme made its way from Adult Swim chat to here, in which case it's a joke about how with all the merchandise they could have they made little wooden eggs cups.
i have a blister on my pinky :c
im captain
Outer Worlds will land on Epic Store as an exclusive. I was looking to it but not now.
i dunno about that...got any proof?
Welcome new thread
I've been watching this webm of loop for a bit now- but I have no idea what any of it means https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/527/d32ec8e8-2c86-4943-96c8-a611f9ce986d/Taxes.webm Animations cute, tho
im captain
seems legit
ben in wayt like forever and FINALLY made a thread. now the only goal i have in life is to dropkick somebody
i've been here since bree-heated pizza rolls and i've only managed to make one thread figures it was the one thread i made around the time garry said he was considering shutting FP down
can u dropkick me from existence please and thank you
Man I'm trying to learn using the Genki book but the work in groups exercises always fuck me up. Once asked about the word "toki" and I think I haven't seen it on the book. Which leads to confusion
on my way
what have you done.... this background avatar name n-n-no.... go back to komi-san please
i'm getting the urge the splat is callin to me
guys im a bout to do it its truly real im gonnafuck the egg
i want my haloooo
"Toki" just means "when" in terms of "When X then Y". For example, "sanpu suru toki, otonarisan to hanashimasu" -> "When I go for a walk, I talk to my neighbour". It literally means "time", so you can think of it as "the time when X happens". There's nothing forcing you to only use Genki. You're allowed to look words/usages up online. I recommend imabi.
how would you feel if 343 bait and switched and released halo 4 first
Halo Floor
random as fuck but does anybody remember the 'im here im queer get used to it' guy from fp way back in the day? and what his alibi was?
halo mcc now exclusive to the epic games store
Just did my first session of Zuu with a couple of mates from Campus. Knees weak, arms heavy with some tears. I don't want to be fat anymore. Gonna go back.
Woo, good job, I don't know what Zuu is but self improvement is always a good thing.
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