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tell me good psp games pls ty
phantasy star portable 2
borderlands 2 has a bumpin soundtrack and no one can tell me otherwise
For some reason, Lucas couldn't attack.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226487/922c21e0-fdc7-4cfa-8608-404d03ae0c8a/DSC_9282-1-2.jpg small birb
@xZippy https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226487/4d8ea10f-576c-4c29-af00-978f0ed32862/DSC_8861-1.jpg
@Zorlok this is us https://i.imgur.com/HVmtmjb.png
why https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/190794/0e4cf09d-3265-427a-8f6b-921eaf79282f/tok tok.mp3
I always used to kind of think one of my sister's friends had a thing for me and I just found an ancient unprompted Facebook message from her that said "How was your day, hehe." I either never noticed that message or past me was smart enough to stay far away from that shit. Actually the most likely option is 17 year old me had no idea how to react to such a thing.
cuphead and his pal mugman like to roll the dice.
just remembered united states of whatever
my grandmother who smokes is currently staying with us. cant stand the smell of cigs.
wario's woods is a dope-ass game
Say what you want bout minecraft but its a very chill nice game to relax and play I just wish I could play without getting pretty bored pretty quick
I'll never forget when I bought it during the original beta and I got lost so many times exploring the tunnels. Felt immersive as fuck
Same. I hate public smoking due to that.
Even as a smoker i acknowledge 2nd hand smoke smells like cancer (wow didnt intend that to be literal but yeah that shits awful) I'm not going to smoke around people who dont smoke cause then theyre uncomfortable and that just makes me feel shit about it
Is the crybaby rating just another form of a "i disagree so ur reeeaally dumb >={"?
Took cough medicine so I could cough
I ordered something (regionally) and it has spent longer with a "processing delay" than it has actually shipping.
I'm glad that time at work passes by faster after noon
yo you listen to song you're such a doomer look it's you laying depressedly in a bed in a dark room with meme man face hah doomer you are the doomer you feel doom he wallow in it doomer doomer music 10 hours doomer music see bloomer or zoomer or whater the fuck hit the dots and say youre not interested its only doomer for you the song has no context other than you being sad right now are you sad listen to doomer and you'll be sad doomer doomer doomer
that goes pretty good with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNNmBtNcccE
New ink get https://i.imgur.com/8ShdTnU.jpg
feeling lowkey bliss right now feeling lowkey everything will be ok
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