• Knockout Development v2 - It's time to start posting on Knockout!
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knockout.chat We're building a successor to Facepunch! When Garry announced, a while ago, that he might shutdown the forums, we started working on an alternative. It's grown into its own thing. Why wait for Garry to shut down the forums? Enter Knockout: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/7e4e4805-716c-49b9-b842-3b36d8882df1/image.png These pictures might be outdated by now - hop on over to the last page to take part in the discussion! https://discord.gg/ce8pVKH - the Discord https://knockout.chat/ - The live site! 🐲 https://forums.stylepunch.club/ - The QA server, for testing and finding issues 🐒 https://trello.com/b/Td60qIbu/nashipunch - For suggestions, bug reports and upcoming features 💊
You folks have really been working hard, thank you!
Knockout's getting very frequent updates
fixed this annoying bug that made it so all bans were in hours. it's all nice now: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/2a5343be-ea95-43c7-8648-c69d6906edbb/image.png
I’m posting here because inacio has threatened to kill me if I dont if yiu delete this post ur only proving me right
Obligatory https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/441/40f43641-942a-4b64-bcbd-008c1785e632/image.png
My bone density increased because I started posting in the KO forums. Thanks knockout! (Seriously though, fantastic work. Keep it up! 💖 )
I love you Inacio
it's times like these where i wish we still had the rainbow reaction
please latest threads sidebar
I will go where LMAO pics calls me.
Knockout is a Brazilian Mafia scam to launder Facepunch blood diamonds.
Wait, you can self-rate your own posts? HERESY Anyway for real, I thought I could view who rated what by clicking the number like I do it here.
Just joined!
we'll fix that soon! that's something we're testing. for now only mods will be able to see it, and we'll see if that cuts down on drama.
I love you Inacio
Losers self rate
It's like 2010 all over again
give us back the rating message 'your paypal was successfully charged' every so often someone would freak out and think it was real
Ah, good point. Though I myself think the rule of "not caring for ratings" is fairly sufficient.
So is any other sign in method planned?
You might want to try that again, It should be a little wider now and take up the free space.
You are confusing me
Oh ho, Garry acknowledged Knockout? Surprising
Can we get a Photoshop contest section? Looking back on it, a lot of Facepunch's greatest contributions and funniest threads came from there. It's been so long.
Let's just start spamming contest threads anyway, they'll have to give us a separate section eventually if there's enough content to fill it.
Where's the big tiddy section
Taken outside, shot and buried to never be seen again.
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