• Based on this pic, are you truly Gen X, Millennial, or Zoomer?
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I'm a based Zoomer (born 98). https://i.4pcdn.org/tv/1554350673752.png
I'm from the 1930s, where do I fit in
You're a ghost
Good ol early-core millennial
Was born mid-90's, so I'm smack on the tail end of Millenials
Tricky, both Core Millenial and Late Millenial for me, but I was born in 1995. I'm guessing it's just that a lot of the tech & entertainment we got in Sweden arrived from the US with a few years of syndication delay, so a lot of the core millenial stuff applies to me even though I wasn't old enough to know it when it initially aired in the origin country.
I'm not American so I don't fit in
Late millennial with a Core and an Early Millennial before me so I got all their stuff and experienced all 3 at once. It was very confusing
Core millennial.
Probably pretty square in the Core Millennial section. Born in '93.
i would consider myself as "late millenial"(born 1996), but only 30% of things in that picture were relatable to me. And my childhood consisted from gaming only on pc, binge watching Fox Kids/Jetix. Also why every nostalgia driven picture is aimed mostly at american culture, that's why i can't relate that much to this.
Those names I haven't heard in a long time
Early millenial. Just seeing that classic windows logo brings me warm memories.
I used to play on the Sega Megadrive 2 with my older sister in Co-op
Born in 93 but I don't remember 9/11 so I guess that makes me a Zoomer.
Somewhere between late millennial and early zoomer.
Core Gen X I WAS born in 1980 after all.
Early Millennial/Gen Y for me.
By year, I am an Early Zoomer, but by more of the stuff I recognise and grew up with, Late Millennial. So I ain't really sure which I am....Meme sake I go as Zoomer tho so I guess Zoomer.
Born mid-late 90s but a weird blend of the entire bottom row. Don't remember Bill or 9/11 but do remember a hair bit of pre-9/11, had a PS1 and caught the tail end of the airings for a lot of the mid-late 90's shows (probably reruns around 2000). Definitely fit into the late millennial zone the best as I had a ps2 and gameboy and certainly remember a lot of Bush era stuff as well as basically every show in the segment (although didn't watch the first clone wars interestingly enough). Also fit into the early zoomer territory, had most of the earlier DS variations at some point or another and did have a ps3. Definitely watched flapjack/chowder and was atleast tangentially aware of the rest. Oh and you know, hard to forget early Obama era. After that I just barely caught the earliest bits of the core zoomer region with minecraft (right after alpha was finished) and angrybirds back when there was just one app. Also watched early adventure time / regular show in the same time period.
Same, no contemporary memory of 9/11 at all. It's weird. Though I do remember having a dream where I was piloting an AT-AT and shooting up terrorists whatever that means
Mostly late millennial with a bit of core millennial mixed in. I have faint memories of 9/11 with some moments of clarity. Seeing Genndy's Clone Wars and Samurai Jack alongside Classic RS brought a smile to my face.
Gotta love seeing Squidware doing a dab there.
Fuck, now I gotta rewatch Malcolm in the middle
Late Millennial for me, wah
Gen Y/ Between core and late Millenial
Late Millenial, early Zoomer. I also don't remember 9/11
I was born in the late 90s. But I am mostly on the Late Millennial culture since most of the media at that period are things that I have watched or played during my childhood and I definitely remembered 9/11 as I was waiting for the school bus to come when it happened. I definitely remember playing Runescape with my friends and siblings and getting Bioncle sets with my siblings back in the day. I also had a Gamecube and a Gameboy SP (Both of which I still have btw) and those are from the Late Millennial period. I also remember watching Yu-gi-oh, the Pokemon Anime (Up to Advanced Generations), Xiaolin Showdown, Jackie Chan Adventures, and Teen Titans when 4Kids was still around. And all of these shows are in the Late Millennial period. However, I did remember having some things from the early Zoomer period like having the Wii with SSBB and the PS3 with Burnout Paradise. I also remember watching Transformers, Wall-E, and Up at theaters as well as Chowder and the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.
That's late gen x. Read the pic closer.
imo the "if you don't remember 9/11 you're a zoomer" thing only applies if your North American. Ofc 911 was big news outside the USA but nowhere near as a big deal as it was within the US. Also this chart is only as effective as how Americanised your countries culture is (or was in the 80/90s/whatever). A lot of the US stuff reached me in the UK so it makes a lot of sense.
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