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rip my thread long live your thread
new wayt smell
How nice of @Qbetex to make a thread so I can post on it while on some stolen mobile data. It's been way too long and we're still getting only at most 10 hours of electricity a day (and we've got it good). Hoping that since we got the TV signal back some days ago it won't take too long to get internet connectivity. Greetings to everyone in the thread and from the discord. (which I can't use because it's a data hog)
greetings from i bays cat https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226487/05099d58-10a8-4950-a055-11a1b4880594/thiscatdoesnotexist.com6.jpg
turgid is a good word
D̶̤̱͓̲̑̃̆̈A̴͎̝͚̤̟͐ͨ̑̇̎̍ͅD͓̲͎͖̲̊ͧ́̇̈D̗̯͐͗̂̎Y̶͕͓͈ ̟̪̝̈S̡͈̈́̇͆HA͎̩͍̰̟ͯR͖ͬK̜̰͌ͪ ̲̓̀͂D͓̈O̹̠̲͖̩ͅO̒͏̻D͏̥O̰̤ͮ͋͋̿̍̄̀O̫̔̅̃͌̆Ḓ̹̪͈͓̹̍̆́̿O̵̫̬̥̩̫̬̹͗ͩͣͫ͂͐Ọ̙̩ͤ̑͘Ḓ̛̦ͪͨͩ͗͑ͦ̚OÕ̲̭̝̹̪͇̐ͅO̶̬̠̭̲͍͇̯̍͑̐D͕͓̠̺̥ͤ̋̀͆̕O̤ͪͩỎ̮͉̗̬̙̋ͪͨ̽ͣͤO̩̬͕̫̯̓̃̑̒͗͌̋D͓̞͙̝̩̠̏͡O͐̈́͊O̲̫̗͒͜ͅ
I found something super fucking weird and I've spent like the past half hour trying to mentally process it
@Taliyah nerd
@Taliyah reopen the old thread permanently make it the forever wayt
respect women day is tomorrow
minecrafting time also hi qbe!!
or anywhere else for that matter
Threads can't stay open when they are auto-closed. A mod can re-open it, but will then automatically close again.
Man glad to see you're still kickin'. Genuinely missed you.
And so the Courier, who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings, cheated death once again, and the Mojave Wasteland was forever changed.a
2 job interviews in 2 days 2 no goes 🙂🙂🙂
At church rn and this little kid is drawing on a tablet. He drew a triangle with an eye in it and said "Look dad I drew illuminati!" Then he drew aa smaller triangle and said "Now there is baby illuminati!"
i love seeing the rosebushes bloom every spring but they've been absolutely demolished this year by storms. i'm glad my friend and his fiancee were able to see them at their best but damn, it sucks watching these beautiful plants get demolished over and over again.
Ha ha i get it blue balls
Do not presume my motives, you filthy sinner.
Is spite a good motivator? Im sick of getting made fun of by my “friends” for all my insecurities and I think Im gonna get fucking ripped just to shove it to this one guy. Im deadly serious about it. Can spite be a good motivator or will I lose it or will it turn toxic?
Spite is definitely a powerful motivator. There a lot of accomplishments made entirely in the name of "Well, I'll show you!" You don't even have to look very far for examples considering where we are; pretty much any undertaking or major project by a community with an internet or gaming presence probably has "spite" somewhere within its list of motivations. Whether it'll spiral out of control is hard to say. But even from experience, the darker parts of me know that the desire to put someone you dislike in their place is a powerful driving force for getting off your ass and doing something. In my case, the instances when those endeavors fail generally comes from either my anger cooling off and losing interest, or a fear of "What if I try to show them up and can't best them, giving them even more license to lord over me? Might as well not risk even a chance of showing that vulnerability."
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