• Looking for 2 serious dudes for low-pop!
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I think im done solo-ing and grinding alone. Looking for two dudes who are serious and would get the VIP pass($7 i believe to avoid queue) with me so we can grind it out and rock low pop as a trio. I can get on any time since i work from home and night times im good to go. Just tired of getting half ass teammates where i do all the work then they come on once a week to lose it XD Just leave your discord and I'll add you ASAP if ya wanna get some practice in or shot the shit. Serious, but guna have hella funny moments cant take it too serious ;p Server: Rustafied - Low Pop WOO WOO
Wtf are you talking about?
1. Doesn't read the sticky and doesn't know threads looking for Rust teammates or clans is not allowed 2. Can't even find the Rust subforum What a winner
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