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I am not afraid to admit that I'm a coinaholic.
Aaah! That's your problem? The statement was related to that I don't care about coins because I tried to find out here in 10 threads and with 600 questions. Where these coins come from, but so far no one has been so gracious and has commented on it. The only reason why I'm still writing or even spamming here is because everybody's up there anyway. Whether this has a background or not, I don't know. But apparently you know if it's all right, where they come from, so you can explain that to me, right?
They come from keyboard warriors like you taking jokes too seriously
    ‮coin farming is really easy
!ton si ti
ml mrllmlllgr brmlllgrmrll mlbl mrrl mrllgrmrmrmg grmlmrmgmrgllbaba!! Yep, i do so ;)
‮but you will never bever as good as me, because instead of writing gibberish i just use a special character which reverses everything i write
first post below me gets a coin ;>
limited edition fonts
Welcome back to typewriting.
This is an opportunity we should all exploit get hype for the font and type
i wish for death thank you
ehhh, naaah suicide is a bad thing. Stay alive for us, please!
Hay hay pooppee
2 coins to anyone who will cyber me im so lonely please god I don't care if youre a boy just lie to me
I'd like to exchange euros to coins please.
Farmed coins are much better if you till them before spring
i put on my robe and wizard hat
!buy coin
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