• coin farming thread
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No it's fucked.
muauhauhua my plan worked. 3 Hours no post!
One more coin to get to 69x72, please help
Coins, coins, coins!
I'm in debt
this is a good picture
https://files.facepunch.com/f/ua/132/36295064 this is a better picture
coins are yellow, roses a red, i suck for both!
re-pay me later
mmhmhmhm i bought some cola with my coins today
pepsi is better than coca cola rate coin if you agree diamond if you disagree
/trade virginity diamond
has anyone offered to pay for coins yet? I'm waiting for the day that thread pops up.
no the coins are literally worthless
I'll trade you 7 funnies for a coin
pay up sucker
one funny a coin, pay up consumer
not to me
congrats, your 7 most recent posts now have a funny with my name on it
Name the first thing that came to mind when mentioned the word: farm
finally, some good moderation https://i.imgur.com/sZYUWaJ.png it'll happen to you before you know it
Report as: Spam
can you even report posts on this forum yet lol
Just spam mentions to garry, it's basically the same thing
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