• coin farming thread
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I can help you pretend. Give me the coins you do not have. Thank you very much xoxo
I'm so broke that's all I can afford to give. Now I'm gonna be hungry for the rest of the week.
coins are nice
Bill I believe this is killing me
Still waiting
I call upon the coin gods
just gettin' my daily coin, thx
someone red pill me on coins. why are they so sought after here? it seems like you can only buy avatar size increases, which is neat I guess, but it seems like the reward doesn't match the demand. maybe someone can give me a coin so I can see how it feels? ;)
Consider this cookie an investment, in six weeks you'll have a whole cheesecake, I guarantee it.
Although I'll have died of hunger by then, I appreciate it.
This is my first post on the new forum and now I'm not a virgin anymore. I require demand mad respect for my accomplishment as a man.
congrats on doing a sex man great job
gave you an invisible coin for your invisible post.
requesting one more coin to get one more pixel of demon girl
sry was away for two days. How much $$$ is a coin now?
about 2 fucks each
how about 1 fuck and 2 lollipops?
U mean one cup and two girls
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
holy shite
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