• coin farming thread
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Fake and gay
8 coins to the 50 coin giveaway!!!!!!!!
and they don't stop comin'
hammoud habibi
hambibi mmahdou
now sissy that post
but but but decentralized
Here's a coin. Also what the hell is that URL
very exciting posting
do I have to pay a 5 coin transaction fee to give someone a coin
Yes, but I have a special offer just for you: Give me one coin now and pay no transaction fee, this only works with me though. I'll then pass on the coin to your desired recipient.
Can you do that in real life? I have some legitimate cash I need moving.
hello friend please to be pressing coinage button many thanks
gimme coins
Why are you guys still talking about coins, I figured this would have become a chat thread by now.
we are coin whores and proud. speaking of that give me a coin please and thank you xoxo
get banned
I'm saving coins for any future premium features instead of upgrading my av size
Looking for coinz
I think some people have a big amount of coins! We need a api!
What about a bank? Like storing coins in a bank makes them unable to be transferred or used in the shop, however you gain an interest for storing them in the bank. Atleast that's how a coin system on another forum that I frequented works, but they also only give coins for posts, not "online time".
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