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who wants a lousy gold coin?
Wow lots of pages in this thread I feel like I should get coins for having made it, right?
I hate coin
I love coin
Happy lunar new year! If you are married, you are obligated to HAND OVER PART OF YOUR HARD EARNED SAVINGS to folks who are still single! Now GIVE!
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/488/a66f065e-29ae-4fd2-b8e4-338fe66d6785/codereply.png wut
not sure, if I had some coins I could investigate for you?
If we could have a "thank you" rating that would be very nice, and maybe 10 x "thank you" could earn you a coin? Not from other members but from the browser as with the daily log in reward.
Thank you
You thank?
ski ba bop
I farm coins
Give me 70 coins so I can give them away. The scorpion king demands it!
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