• coin farming thread
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Gotta get those coins so I can attempt to get an avatar background.
best background image. now give me coins, cause mines shit.
I will give my thoughts for a penny
this thread is gay, leol
Where do I trade these for bitcoin so I can feel even worse?
for 1 coin i will give you 1 coin
@rebel1324 plaz
rate this post dumb to get a box of coins
pls give coins so I can afford to have cool avatars again
I don't always farm goes, but when I do it's in this thread
I need coins for refunding my first profile background lottery failure.
wtf is coin
coin is love
so what's the rate on punchbux
Watch, as the price of coin is going to soar any moment now...!
So hoe does this work huh ?
So is this the new shitposting thread now?
Gotta get them coins so I can get that risky avatar background up!
this is just a big idiot cull you guys dont post in here
It has been an honor shitposting with you guys
too late
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