• coin farming thread
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Watch, as the price of coin is going to soar any moment now...!
So hoe does this work huh ?
So is this the new shitposting thread now?
Gotta get them coins so I can get that risky avatar background up!
this is just a big idiot cull you guys dont post in here
It has been an honor shitposting with you guys
too late
Ok this is weird
I don't understand.
hey gamer dudes gimme coins so i can fix my background
roses are red, violets are blue i made this new forum just for you
I want the dumb reaction back please that was the only reaction i could get
i love shitpost based incentives
This is a thing now huh? I do enjoy meaningless internet points.
Ya giv me them coins g
hahaha im alive
can the whole site just be this thread
I feel like i've been in this sort of situlation before when i was younger but i can't put my finger to it.
good god i want to f*ck rami malek
give me your coins
Give me all the coins, I can't stand being parted without my animated avatar.
hey whats up
This is my first post on new FP, show me the love.
ah yes so this is why coins are a thing
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