• coin farming thread
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c o c k o i n
Walkin' around With my big big clown
class struggle
I earn my coin by shitposting and uploading furry porn
The Great Facepunch Coin Depression is horrible. Please help, I can't afford to feed my account's family
4 more coins and I'm done here
yeah it's sorta gay
So, how y'all doing? Me? Just getting my daily coin ration.
i want coin printer
You guys are doing it wrong, I don't even want your coins.
if { user == Sam} give.coin(1);
give me your loins
poor man coming through
this is the new wayt though right?
So this is where all the cool kids hang out now?
cocks cockling carelessly while cooking cookies carefully
I need coins in order to test new facepunch well feel free to give me coins
7 more coins...
13 more to go.
I'm lost
So from what ive observed and heard, oldpunch posts are worth 1/100th of a coin, while newpuch posts are worth 1/4th of a coin?
Heres a map that might help https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1644/41f462b3-9f42-478a-bdcb-d0280d937e58/image.png
i have nothing else to spend on coins anymore but im not giving them away >:)
6 more here, should have enough by next Wednesday...
a whole new worrlllddd!!
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