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;O I want background
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Another day, another coin.
Posting just in case facepunch coin become legal tender.
The coin system is kinda cool but at the same time not at all
Khajit has wares if you have coin
Is the post limit still 5K?
My coins are spared
i fucked up and used all my coins setting my initial avatar and now the system is all changed and mine is ugly and i have no coins and fuck this coin economy is lame i'm hitting the coin mines
Hey, I just dropped in to say hello and get used to the new forum.
no you didn't
I need 4 more coins and then i can spend all day trying to make my avatar match my background good.
give me a coin and ill give it back
sometimes when taking a shit i like to tell from the top of my lungs really gets the shit flowing, you feel me?
Totally didn't get anything of what you just said. Anyways...
but my man nothing is as releasing as taking a big fat dump on a saturday morning
c o i n
Yes I fuggin did!
c o c k o i n
Walkin' around With my big big clown
class struggle
I earn my coin by shitposting and uploading furry porn
The Great Facepunch Coin Depression is horrible. Please help, I can't afford to feed my account's family
4 more coins and I'm done here
yeah it's sorta gay
So, how y'all doing? Me? Just getting my daily coin ration.
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