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Has anybody else thought of Kleptocoin because I'm trademarking that as soon as I figure out how it works.
how does "next coin" work anyways
khajit needs da coin
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/227384/2df03081-f0ab-4b0e-bfbe-cac150d42d99/Trump 9.png
So are people using backgrounds as their big avatars on oldpunch?
Buying a background is way more economical than buying avatar space. It looks nice in its own way too.
I fucking love this pic :funny:
What would be a good game for a dad and step son play on Steam together? He likes Minecraft and Undertale but I'm not the biggest fan of Minecraft and we've already played through many co-op maps available.
give me coins
Two coins away from a dank background. I am so close to being a lord of fashion.
farming coins doesn't work you GAY motherfuckers
But you posted here so it clearly works.
what if we're here for inconsequential posting?
If we can't farm coins then what's the point of life?
gonna need a bit more than that to control the coin market bud
Spare me some septims?
Will debate philosophy for coin
if you don't get a coin just think about all the friends you've made trying to along the way i just want my damn background
Friends are good Backgrounds are better
Before this post: %40 to next coin.
9 coins away from a BG help a foolish boy out who blew it all on 3 avatar pixels
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