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does lurking give coins? is there a limit to coins per day? is the improved coin rate from giving coins temporary?
Testing. Don't mind me. [editline]15th March 2018[/editline] [QUOTE=Icedshot;53200344]*gigantic list*[/QUOTE]
no i made it up but didn't expect anyone to fall for it so here is your coin back
Gonna put 3 cocks in my ass if I dont get a coin, and no, I am NOT bluffing. So do not try me.
I wish I had saved what coins I had before this profile background feature became a thing. :<
press F to make coin
Hey no thread post cap
Where all the coin avatar/backgrounds at?
nioc is coin backwards
prove it you dick.
Aw damn I missed the free coins
Wouldn't it be funny if they disabled coin earning from posting/viewing this thread specifically?
Wow, this is completely shameless. Count me in.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dne0uutputU&feature=youtu.be get fucked homeboy
after i get my background, yes.
Nice image editing, not even close to realistic.
Does this even work?
is this true? someone should give me a coin and report back tomorrow.
all I see is nothing. https://i.imgur.com/UbVjPqp.png
Give me coin or skeletons comin for ya https://puu.sh/zKIDL.mp4
When a man gazes into his coin, does the coin gain back?
Who cares about this coin thing anyway?
gimme coinz i need avatar
you don't need an avatar bigger than 64x64
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