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Wait, this actually works?
thank you for your service
I'd have about 20 if I didn't make request threads. And yes, I do buy profile picture extensions. Here you go, zeflow.
Is this you? I thought you were a little piglet.
porcupines are just sharp pigs
I like hogs of all varieties
Sees someone with a donation box Not putting a coin into said donation box
you fucking got me fulcrum, take your coin and enjoy it.
Of I give coin back will you join me in posting pictures of important animals?
is it true that the coin market is crashing
CNN NEWS | Is the FP Coin Market Crashing? SHOCK! TERROR! ATTENTION-GRABBING SENTENCE! BOOBS! At this rate, the coin market might fall under the value of the Vietnamese dong. "Some sections of the Facepunch forums have dedicated users who make tons of coins, driving down their value in a process known as inflation", Dam Natus says. "This is one of the flaws with digital currency, and a system that allows coins to circulate this freely should definitely be reconsidered." Some people believe this is actually a force for good, though. "When prices for making my icon bigger drive through the roof, I'll probably consider quitting facepunch. It's draining my social and casual life", some Facepunch veterans say.
oh fuck I put all my life savings into coins do I hold or sell
This is a very important animal
https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/campaign_images/webdr02/2013/5/23/17/the-21-most-important-voyages-by-animals-riding-a-1-18774-1369344228-5_big.jpg I don't think I've seen a more important pupper
oh myyyyyy
hey guys welcome to my new video
I like coins.
if you're gonna put me in your fuckin video you're gonna cough up some of those coins, kid
halfway out
jesus christ, these coins keep coming out of no where but, to be honest with you, i really don't care
First thread to page 100?
I'm actually wondering what the max avatar size really is, like I've reached 72 now and I guess it will take a long time until I'll find out on my own.
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