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Welcome to the Crossdressing, Transgender, and Allies thread! Everyone is welcome! Questioning your gender? Beginning or in the midst of a transition? Just want to learn what this is all about, or how you can help? That's what we're here for. All we ask is for your respect. Crossdressing (CD) is the act of wearing clothes from the opposite gender This does not mean that someone is transgender. Crossdressing is usually a side hobby for someone and kept in secret unless otherwise noted.. Transgender (TG) is a condition where one feels their gender expression doesn't match their sex assigned at birth. This is most commonly short-handed with the phrase "born in the wrong body." Transgender expression has a very long history, going as far back as the Native Americans and beyond. Today, advocacy and pro-transgender issues have been the forefront of a lot of social change as of late. People who feel they are transgender are said to suffer from gender dysphoria. How does one discover they are transgender?: 'Discovering' that one is transgender varies wildly on a case-by-case basis. Most transgender individuals have thoughts in early childhood that point toward the basis of their identity, while others don't really figure it out until they're as late as 30. Almost all transgender people agree, however, that you are born the way you are, just as other forms of identity start early. Similar to homosexuality, there is no universally accepted causal link to where transgender leanings begin within the womb, however brain chemistry differences prove that transgender feelings root themselves very early in a child's existence. How do I “treat” my transgenderism? Treatment is done on a case-by-case basis. Most individuals undergo extensive therapy. If deemed eligible, you will move on to the bulk of transitioning: hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy seeks to re-balance the sex hormones currently within the transitioning individual with the sex hormone belonging to the desired sex. For female-to-males, this is done by suppressing the effect and release of estrogen and by replacing it with the male sex hormone, testosterone. For male-to-females, they use the same procedure however the roles are reversed -- testosterone is suppressed, and in its place, estrogen is introduced into the body. Typically this is done via an intake of two pills a day, a hormone blocker and an opposing hormone supplement. Other methods include injection. The final step to transitioning may or may not be required for a complete, legal transition, varying from location to location. Sexual reassignment surgery, or SRS, is an invasive operation that removes one’s sexual organs. Often times, an analog for the desired organs will replace the lost organs. Unfortunately, at this time, the operation is entirely cosmetic and will not replace the organs with working counterparts for the other sex. A transman will not gain a functional penis, nor will a transwoman acquire a uterus. Common Misconceptions/Stereotypes about Transgenderism: Being transgender is a mental illness! : According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (known as DSM-5/DSM-V), Gender Dysphoria is not classified as a mental illness, but rather a mental disorder. Every single transgender person has to go through surgery/hormones to feel like their gender : HRT is simply the most common route for a transgender person to follow. Though common, not everyone follows through with SRS. There are also folks who are happy with being androgynous, gender queer, non-binary, or otherwise, and do not take any medical steps to feel like themselves. Sometimes, a new haircut and wardrobe are all that’s needed!   If a transgender person transitions, I lose them as a person! : When someone decides to transition, they are not “lost”, merely changed. A mother does not “lose” her son and “gain” a daughter. A husband does not “lose” his wife and “gain” a husband. They are still the same person, they are just matching how they look and present to how the feel inside. In most cases, there are some personality changes as hormones can change one’s behavior, similar to how a woman on her period can be more irritable or prone to mood swings. Habits and interests may change as well, though this is most commonly due to feeling that they can finally be themselves and not hide portions of their personality. Not a transgender person but still want to help those that want to go through it? You sound like you want to become an ally! A Ally is a person who wants to help the LGBT Community pass go through their bad times of being discriminated against and support those who need it most. For protips on how to be a good ally for transgender people, please check out these ally tip pages: http://www.glaad.org/transgender/allies http://lgbtqia.ucdavis.edu/educated/ally-tips.html https://uwm.edu/lgbtrc/support/allies/trans-ally-tips/ We also have a Discord Server! Feel free to jump in and talk to peeps! We have an Introductory chat, a Emotional Help chat, and even a  gaming chat to hook up and play games with each other! Thread Guidelines: - Respect all people who post here and you will get respect yourself. - Don't flame or troll. - If someone flames or trolls the community, report and move on. - This discussion gets off-topic. The discussion doesn't have to be about transgender/crossdressing people or issues, but it's encouraged. - If you're not transgender or a crossdresser, yes you are welcome, but please respect others. - The opposite applies. Anyone in this thread who is not transgender is just as valid in saying anything they want to say as you are. Just because this discussion isn't meant for them doesn't mean they have no say on issues in the community. Everyone here is welcome.
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