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[QUOTE=Giner;19233302]Yeah and the majority of FP doesn't give a shit what people think about them.[/QUOTE] True, but I still don't think that it means that they should be allowed to behave like kids. Oh wait...
OP's a nolife faggot. 1.67
[QUOTE=DQUCHE;19233331]70 posts a day isn't contributing. It's shitposting[/QUOTE] Not if the content is good. [QUOTE=cameleot;19233348]OP's a nolife faggot. 1.67[/QUOTE] Why thank you!
[QUOTE=Myrrdin;19231076]I'm a fast poster. :q:[/QUOTE] spammer. Posts Per Day: 9.66
0.78 swimbound yours is 16.15
[QUOTE=Myrrdin;19233358]Not if the content is good. Why thank you![/QUOTE] Bullshit. Half of your posts are one word answers. 2.69
[QUOTE=Timebomb757;19233408]Bullshit. Half of your posts are one word answers. 2.69[/QUOTE] Then half of my posts = shitposts I am trying to get up to the same post count as my previous account, after all.
Posts Per Day: 9.71
1.10 What the fuck?
0.44 I don't hang around much on FP, and when I do, I hardly post, I just read.:colbert:
[QUOTE=NuclearDwarf;19231034]Posts Per Day: 4.64 what the fuck man, 71?[/QUOTE] He spams. End. Posts Per Day: 3.35
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