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[B]A Madness Interactive Story [/B] WIKI: [url]http://madness-interactive.wikia.com/wiki/Madness_Interactive_Wiki[/url] Credit for the idea goes to Rovar, a user here who's done something like this in the past. Credit to Newgrounds content-creator Krinkels for the art-style, and anyone else who made any of the stuff I include. I don't know if anyone takes these seriously anymore, and I don't have enough of a connection to Facepunch to care; so I figured I'd give this a shot. [B]The Rules[/B] [U]1. You Are in Complete Control of the Character -[/U] This is my story, but you guys control the character. Reply with his responses to actions and other stimuli, and I will try my best to accommodate the request. Of course your character is a human, and the success-rate of your requests depends most heavily on my judgement; and common sense. This being said, you can control everything the character will do, but I am allowed to determine what he can't do. [U] 2. Rule One has an Exception -[/U] Absurdist humor is funny, to a point. If you want to ruin the fun for the people (if anyone) who takes this seriously by ordering the character to kill himself or rape a police officer, than more likely than not, I'll tell you to take your comedic talents elsewhere. With that in mind, I do have a sense of humor, so I have no problems with silly requests on occasion, as long as they are for the most part inconsequential. [B]Guidelines[/B] [U]1. Be Descriptive - [/U]The more detail, the better; this is pretty self-explanatory. [U]2. Watch your Energy and Skill Level -[/U] Energy is important in determining how successful you are in performing physically exhaustive actions. Conserving energy during a fight, for example, lets you attempt dodges and counter attacks at a higher rate of success. If you're knocked to the ground and someone is about to hit you with a sledgehammer, for example, having enough energy to roll out of the way is pretty important. Skill Level is essentially how good your character is at doing things relevant to a story that is sure to include combat at some point. It's a 'jack of all trades' skill that improves with experience. This essentially determines how much dexterity you have, how good your reflexes are, how well you shoot, how experienced you are with melee combat, etc. It determines your success in skill related actions. For reference, an average person has a skill level of one. A police officer has a skill level of three, while a hired mercenary may have a skill level of 5. [U] 3. You Can Die -[/U] I won't make up stuff to save you because of your dumb decisions. You will be able to die. I'm not sure whether to allow re-spawning or not, though if I do it will definitely be limited. [U]4. Make Good Decisions - [/U]With all the skills the character has in this story, the one that is most up to player-choice is intelligence. You have the freedom to apply your collective smarts (or lack there of) to the character here; use this to your advantage. If a situation does not warrant an immediate bloodbath, there's really no reason to start one. Take smart shots, find cover before starting a shoot-out, don't bring a knife to a gunfight, don't shoot at someone that your ally is standing right next to if you're not skilled enough to do so, and so on and so on. [U]5. Ask for Help -[/U] If you don't understand a situation, feel free to ask or command me to explain something. It's as simple as "Describe the room" or "Does the man look threatening", etc. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's begin. [IMG]https://s18.postimg.org/afgmuquef/01_-_Introduction.png[/IMG]
go back to sleep
go back to sleep
Yell at him to shut the fuck up. Roll over and turn the TV on, rebelliously blasting up the volume.
i whip my dick out
Screech "REEEEEEEEE, NORMIE GET OUT" at the man for disturbing your hibernation off-topic, but thank you so much for doing this thread, i'm hyped for what's next lol
Say "ok" with a really blank, soul-less stare
Take out Your best melee weapon, and threat him if he won't go away You're gonna steal his pie and destroy it.
turn 360 and walk out of the room, picking up the remote along the way and taking it with you
before doing what Nightmarex91 said, check under your bed for your porno mags and wad of cash
[QUOTE=Ninja Gnome;52907146]before doing what Nightmarex91 said, check under your bed for your porno mags and wad of cash[/QUOTE] Uh, they don't have any genitals, so what's the point of porn mags? Anyway, great thread. May keep me busy for a while, I love the MC stuff.
You interrupt the two people talking to each other by yelling out "Yo yo yo yo yo, what it is mother fuckers?"
Pick the pockets of the next person you see to obtain their wallet
Remember that you left the TV on barring music at full volume, before deciding you don't care.
Offer them $50 to give you $100.
Bitch slap the man You just pickpocketd and run away as fast as You can, try to find some kind of trash dumpster so You can jump and hide in it.
And look for a simple Melee weapon while inside the dumpster
try to cobble together some armor from the trash in the dumpster
Use a nearby trash can lid as a shield.
[IMG]https://s18.postimg.org/xsj9qvpk7/10_-_Greeting.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://s18.postimg.org/9db1pdnxz/11_-_Syringe.png[/IMG]
Equip a used syringe and [QUOTE=EmilyVasquez;52907211]Use a nearby trash can lid as a shield.[/QUOTE] [editline]20th November 2017[/editline] Go to the building in the background and try to get in. Also, yell really loud " IMA TRASHMAN NOW! "
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