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GMod - What are you working on? September 2018 (#84) Highlights from the previous thread @swadical 's visualiser https://youtu.be/DJMP3mLrDzw @mcormack1994 's level editor https://youtu.be/IMqTGc_bNKk @stealthpaw 's gamemode intro https://youtu.be/qO_bvvm898M @buu342 's gibs mod https://youtu.be/c_Kk2qJg6zc
probably because the new forums are total shit
More likely because of people moving on from GMod and Source in general, as it is starting to show the limitations more and more as time goes on. Doing certain things is just not viable anymore in Source, it is a pain to get some stuff working properly or even working at all. There just aren't that many big things to do anymore. By this I am not saying that there is absolutely nothing new to come up with, it's just that most of the things that can be done are already out there, but most of the current players (post-toybox, garrysmod.org) don't remember it. Despite all this, I hope people will still continue to develop for GMod.
UI and stuff https://streamable.com/ur7dm
Well with Sandbox being ran in C# as a scripting language, i don't really hold much hope for it. Garry's mod is dying out whether people admit it or not, as with my Dark Souls 3 stuff there's much I cant do with them. Cloth physics is mostly the biggest issue, source well.. garrys mod specifically, does jiggles in a shitty way. I'm certain others who've made substitute cloth physics understand my pain and frustration when it comes to this.
Yeah, hell I think disseminate went on to do his space gamemode in Unity or UE4 rather than Gmod. Personally, I'm waiting for S&Box at this point.
And while people develop some serious stuff, here what I got to show you. Character creation menu for my server: I saw before some people making nice design solutions for character creation menu, but I never used to see something like I did (maybe some one did better). Btw I worked a little bit on camera movements, to make it look more smooth, and I added some bob effect, to make it more "alive". At the end point I added background music from GTA5 (just because the menu starter look like gta's character creation process). So the final result https://youtu.be/1qGZQTxkH_w (Yes it was translated to eng. only for this video) Actually idk why I was underground all this years, and started post only a week ago. So let me know if you want some nice stuff from me to announce. I showed above only that what I'm working on, I can start "recoding" some of my old addons for public release. Here is one of my addons back from 2015 (Sorry for rus. text, I've no eng version) https://youtu.be/3hHevVU7xVs . For that moment, I couldn't find any phone addons for DRP gamemode that allows to control UI whit my keyboard. And I made UI that can be controlled with 5 buttons (UP/DOWN - to open/close the phone, RIGHT/LEFT/ENTER - to navigate through menu). So it was a good integration with UI, player could keep walking and use phone at same time. So let me know if I should make it standalone addon. P.S. Yeah... I am still waste my time for Gmod... I love Gmod..
More progress on the ME gamemode: https://youtu.be/MqOoG6OyNtc https://youtu.be/AHlCVg5b1Uo For me i find being able to develop things like this for existing IP without being immediately sued is what keeps pulling me back to Gmod. (this gamemode for example) I mean, sure enough i could learn UE4 and develop with it but it means i would need to give up what is essentially writing fanfiction for the things i love most. Technically i could also be sued for something like this in Gmod too if a BioWare/EA employee joined the server and told someone in their legal department, but the likelihood is next to none. If there was a way to make my own Mass Effect fanfic game without getting sued to hell and back then i would jump onto the UE4 bandwagon instantly.
https://i.imgur.com/jMQGbJy.jpg Here is a picture of something I've been working on because I'm way too lazy to make a video rn. I'll put one out before release maybe. I'm expecting to release soon.
3 years ago I had the same idea, but my Lua skills wasn't so advanced. So, good luck, my comrade.
Nothing special. Uses web API to fetch all updates, images and text etc. Basically works the same way as Fortnite does https://streamable.com/pmg1w
Got inspired to create Watch_Dogs in gmod, so here is my start. https://youtu.be/ozjyBIelChQ
Hello, I usually lurk around the forums, but I've got something to show. I've been (rather slowly) creating a brand new gamemode framework for Gmod since 2016 (with a year-ish long hiatus in 2017/2018), and while I am not ready to present it yet (although it's available publicly at [url=https://github.com/TeslaCloud/Flux]GitHub[/url], for whoever wants to look at this monstrocity right now), I wanted to
ORMs are amazing. I've used them extensively in Python. I've always been surprised nobody has made a good attempt at one for GLua related stuff before.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2JR9ip1glE So I wanted to tackle a big issue that I saw in maps: the race for space. Specifically in starwars RP maps. People want the space travel and space combat, but they also want large maps with multiple planets ( which pushes people to use layered maps ). I shrink down the spaceship and put it in a "spacebox" where all the planets are available, and you can enter their atmosphere by flying into them. For testing, I just put some heli-bombs and colored them to pretend to be planets. Construct is the green one (duh) You control the entry and exit points using a tool to place "Hyperspace zones." The zones are configurable including their exit points, so you can have multiple faces for different parts of the atmosphere, even change their sizes if you wanted. This can actually be used for a lot of other things too, but that's up to creativity on the user's part.
I should add that shrinking of the ships will not work well for a lot of ships, especially those that use multiple parts. This is because currently many of the ships on the workshop are using different methods to accomplish multi-part ships, so there is no one solution to scale everything down. I'll note though that I have been working on rewriting the entire Star Wars Vehicle base (in communication with all the other creators on the workshop), and it will have proper ship scaling support out of the box. It's already made for some fun interactions, having tiny RC size ships flying around you.
I've tested almost all the stock ships and they work fine because of how the imprinting process is being handled. Particles and those tertiary things are something I am trying to figure out. I would probably need to see other ships using the vehicle base, since at the end of the day all of the ones I've tested have their models parented in some association to the ship, meaning I just grab those and work with them.
I think it's because most people have left for study. And people have less time to develop. Closer by the summer, everything should come to its senses.
As a follow-up to my previous post (now that I'm rocking a desktop instead of a shitty phone), here is an example of an ActiveRecord database schema file (it is automatically generated from the current state of your database, which is stored in the DB itself, so even if you delete this file, it will be re-generated by AR): https://gist.github.com/MrMe0w/95d056f8c2916a3cb7efb90083f9aba5 This file is used for initial DB setup only, so once your database is setup, this file is only being updated with newer changes and never executed. It is designed to resemble Ruby on Rails' DB structure file. ActiveRecord's database creation tools are also aware of platform limitations and won't try to create DB constraints or use certain operators in SQLite. If you are running in any environment other than "production" (e.g. "development" or "staging"), ActiveRecord will output all of the SQL queries that it does to console, which makes it easy to understand what's going on in case you encounter unexpected behavior. https://c2n.me/3WH7L9A.png It is also very easy to implement alternative database adapters (for example if someone decides to create a decent PostgreSQL adapter *wink wink*). All you have to do is extend the abstract adapter class and define database types (along with some bits of code that connect to the DB itself): https://c2n.me/3WH7Wt0.png Database configuration is separated by envionment: https://c2n.me/3WH81Ud.png The YAML helpers included in the framework will read the "*.local.yml" files too, which you can add to your .gitignore so that you don't get merge conflicts on your production server if you're using a git push-to-deploy configuration. The framework itself uses YAML for everything, plugin info, schema info, configuration, database configs, languages system, etc. I found that using YAML is a lot nicer than having .lua, .ini or .cfg configurations, since YAML enforces a certain convention, was designed to be easily human-readable and the parser isn't written by me, which decreases the probability of screw-ups dramatically :^) Oh and for documentation, I decided to create a gmodwiki clone that uses custom software and Markdown: http://c2n.me/3Wv5LZt.png I will post more info about the framework itself here if anyone is interested. I'll create a proper thread for it once I'm ready to present it as a whole (and which means that I will have to finish the wiki for it first). I actually can't wait to present what I've been working on, I just want to make sure nobody gets the wrong first impression.
Was annoyed creating a layout for StormFox and a each of my projects. So working on a simple material-ish library. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E0P0xdQHvM It uses a palettes-system that is determent by; DFrame:SetPalettes( primary color[, secondary color][, boolean: dark theme] ) It also checks the color used under the text, changing it to white or black depending on the luminance. Its not perfect. But its better than re-creating it for every menu. It uses the HSL-library I posted in github-requests; https://github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod/pull/1202 and a few extra color functions.
I think you should remove the sounds for every click in the UI, or at the very least change it to a sound that isn’t intrusive. You usually want sound as a form of feedback if there isn’t a visual distinction of an action being taken (ie the white circle in your buttons), or as something minimal that will supplement the visual feedback if sound is necessary. The frequency in which users will interact with your interface should also be taken into account - more frequent means the user is more likely get annoyed with any loud or “unpleasant” sounds
Skill tree https://streamable.com/sl8yk
Made it do something besides just being an UI demo. Reworked most of the back-end and added this fancy feature https://streamable.com/inhg9
Pretty cool. How are you achieving the zoom-enabled canvas effect?
The boring way https://lolihaven.org/1tccS Then for the scrollwheel to increase/decrease scale, clamped between 0-3-5 (30-500%) https://lolihaven.org/die7T
Ah cool, figured it would be something along those lines. Cheers for that.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_dp4cUQ5o0 Been working on a dynamic fire addon for some time now, recently improved it a lot and made a flamethrower to along with it for the release
this would be awesome for a ttt server with a flamethrower.
my gpu fan started to speed up after watching that video, how's performance
its far better than that of the default fire if we're comparing by coverage, and I found that its hugely improved with gmod_mcore_test set to 1. the main setback here is the dynamic light which is you can disable via convars, and if thats not enough there's a LOD variant for every fire effect which you can force
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