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GMod - What are you working on? October 2018 (#85) Highlights from the previous thread @the_mactavish 's character creation screen https://youtu.be/1qGZQTxkH_w @stealthpaw 's mass effect gamemode https://youtu.be/MqOoG6OyNtc https://youtu.be/AHlCVg5b1Uo @solid_jake 's space simulation https://youtu.be/k2JR9ip1glE @Mr. Meow 's ActiveRecord database system https://gist.github.com/MrMe0w/95d056f8c2916a3cb7efb90083f9aba5#file-schema-lua @buu342 's side-dodging flip https://youtu.be/BUwDQhM2NQY
Implemented a simple system that lets you place any image on any surface in the game. Nothing fancy or brand-new, except that this system doesn't use any entities and you remove stuff by pointing at it (via some extremely retarded math): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esWWfppBd34 (Sorry about using pony pics for demo, I have issues)
Boring UI, I might have overkilled the icons and I need to make it stack, but that's QoL things for later. https://lolihaven.org/GHSQe https://lolihaven.org/bCWMY
I made it as idiot proof as I could https://streamable.com/hhysp
I'm working everyday with garrysmod and doing lot of progress on everything, no idea how much can I post and if it really worthy! But today i had fun playing with smoke puffs https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ws7c9etwor45yt2/2018-10-08_18-53-35.mp4 It's based on Akali from League of Legends, it's something like this
A friend wanted a model-tied footstep system https://gist.github.com/ExtReMLapin/81cb11daf8997b230e571acfbfae4526
Decided that the default sound system wasn't able to deliver the sounds I wanted, so I built my own system for playing "Loud" sounds. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/wzuqbue2cfgcrlm/2018-10-10%2006-59-22.mp4
This reminded me of the hand from Elevator: Source https://youtu.be/hAhGuNQlks0?t=436
Working on an object-oriented PostgreSQL adapter for gmod. It has a truckload of dependencies and third part libraries that need to be installed as of right now, but I'll try to work on bringing that number down: https://c2n.me/3XihqTY.png
First preview of photo realistic water in-game. Having support for actual vertex animations would make this a lot easier, but regardless I got it to work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5DQf0oz8sM
Work in progress decal editor for vehicles: https://my.mixtape.moe/edpllm.webm
FYI: If you're going to be doing that, get rid of your animated refraction (normal) map, as the only reason why you should be using them is to simulate changing vertex normals through changing positions of vertices.
Wrote a slightly optimizing Brainfuck -> Lua compiler. If you let it run loose it runs only about 37% slower than a decent interpreter written in C. Tested on Erik Bosman's Mandelbrot program. http://tmp.bz/s1RZskDTft.png I intend to use a much more complex version of this to compile real machine code to lua. Not sure what architecture to target. I had originally intended to use chip-8 but it's clocked so damn slow that it would be pointless. Kinda want to try emulating NES games but I'm afraid all the sketchy hardware memory mapping would make it even more of a clusterfuck than it's already going to be.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/kitqux8wllsshpr/2018-10-15_14-32-27.mp4 Messing around modifying small panels in darkrp and gmod itself
Ha you too eh? Tried doing the same with some water anims I threw together in blender but I couldn't decipher source's wonk ass animation system (was expecting vertex support :c)
You're looking for flexes, sadly flexes won't work for this task, well, it can work, but would require lot of work since vertex will only animate in one direction and it's not frame based, more likely delta positions
Working on a .NET API that would allow you to easily create Discord commands for your GMod server. For example, a command to display the connected players: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237122/8d333510-62d2-4803-a0de-09714bd69725/discordtest.JPG Here's the backend code and the lua code for this one. I can't really think of useful commands except admin stuff (show players, kick, ban) but still, this is fun to code.
I wrote a way to update workshop addons that doesn't require a gmod installation, gmpublish, or a steam installation. It'll run on anything that steamCMD can run on, basically anything. This module opens up the ability to update your workshop addon as part of a build pipeline. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/299104/dca8c801-ce7a-4e8b-b4ce-c6e377daf900/sc.png The module itself was implemented through a bunch of reverse engineering, and a long visit to dependency hell.
My gamemode has been released! That's 3 years in the making of this bodge after bodge. It's a deathmatch gamemode with a full body dismemberment system and wacky mid game events. You can make your opponents lose both legs or arms, forcing them to either crawl on the floor or headbutt others to death. You get points not just for killing others, but for chaining attacks and using varied loadouts. I'll post a video in a few days. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541525700
7cbd    r8[0]=32 7cbf    mem8[seg[3]+r16[7]+-160]=r8[0] 7cc3    mem8[seg[3]+r16[7]+2]=r8[0] 7cc6    mem8[seg[0]+r16[7]]=r16[0] ; r16[7]=r16[7]+cpu.f_dir 7cc7    call(0x7d31) 7cca    call(0x7d31) 7ccd    status(mem8[seg[3]+160]- -80,8) 7cd2     -- goto 7cd9 if cpu.f_zero 7cd4    status(mem8[seg[3]+162]- -80,8) 7cd9     -- goto 7cfc if not cpu.f_zero 7cdb    local tmp = cpu.f_carry ; mem16[seg[3]+4002]=status(mem16[seg[3]+4002]+1,16) ; cpu.f_carry = tmp 7cdf    r16[0]=mem16[seg[3]+4002] 7ce2    r16[7]=142 7ce5    r16[2]=status(bit.bxor(r16[2],r16[2]),16) 7ce7    r16[3]=10 7cea    local tmp1=r16[0]+r16[2]*256 ; local tmp2=r16[3] ; r16[0]=math.floor(tmp1/tmp2) ; r16[2]=tmp1%tmp2 7cec    r16[2]=status(r16[2]+3120,16) 7cf0    local tmp=r16[0] ; r16[0]=r16[2] ; r16[2]=tmp 7cf1    cpu.f_dir=-1 7cf2    mem16[seg[0]+r16[7]]=r16[0] ; r16[7]=r16[7]+2*cpu.f_dir 7cf3    mem8[seg[3]+r16[7]]=32 7cf6    cpu.f_dir=1 7cf7    local tmp=r16[0] ; r16[0]=r16[2] ; r16[2]=tmp 7cf8    r16[0]=status(bit.bor(r16[0],r16[0]),16) 7cfa     -- goto 7ce5 if not cpu.f_zero 7cfc    r8[4]=1 7cfe    int(22) 7d00     -- goto 7d31 if cpu.f_zero 7d02    r8[4]=0 Don't mind me I'm just compiling x86 machine code to Lua. The x86 MMU is a fucking nightmare, and I've realized my segmentation code is probably wrong, so I'm going to have to re-think that even sooner than I thought. God only knows how many things I'm getting slightly wrong, but I absolutely can not be fucked to read the spec.
I bothered to do something again, I guess? https://streamable.com/eidn7
Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for gloo. Glad to hear it's being used
It's quite nice, but it'd be great to have a similar library for C++11 so that I don't need gcc7 or vs2017 to compile it, which would also improve target machine compatibility. I understand that some functionality will be lost, but yeah. Other than that I didn't really find any major issues with the library itself. A few segfaults due to me being complete idiot and being careless with data types, but those were easy fixes. Although something like LuaValue.as<type> would be a very welcome addition.
Yeah.. I might revisit the required C++ version. As for casting, implicit casts are implemented so you could do ```bool casted = luaValue;``` no problem.
Ye, I know it's implemented, but explicit casting would've been nice, like in this context: some_string += lua_value.as<std::string>;
Progress. I completely underestimated how much there is to this project. https://giant.gfycat.com/UnfinishedGenuineBumblebee.webm
It have been really quiet lately. 1 month with 1 page. Here is what I've been working on: https://youtu.be/d-V5tzAanL4 New: - TreeSway support. - New Tiki Torch and oil lamp. - Ai-node reader. This will be useful in the future for a better sound-system. - Recreated material-system. Now supports custom weathers having different ground-texture and walk-sounds.     StormFox.SetGroundMaterial(str material or nil,walk_sound (string or table or nil)) - Moved map-data serverside, allowing admins to remove or add materials that need effects.     (This requires editing the json at data/stormfox/maps/<mapname>.txt, for now) - New setting-menu (With a new Material library).     - Ability to control what weather can be generated.     - Includes a troubleshooter to display common problems. Fixes/Changes - Fixed a bug that made the client update the lightmap too often. - Tweaked dynamic light. - Fixed campfire bugging out. - Changed toxic weather to radiation. - Tweaked fog and edited the server-option to remove it. - Fog is now re-introduced to rain after a few tweaks. - sf_timespeed is now in seconds. Not minutes. - A few tiny edits and improvements. And out of beta :D (If all goes after plan)
Parsing VVD files to get a table of vertexes: https://i.imgur.com/s0emD5e.jpg Next up: Parsing the VTX
So goal is to draw a complete model right?
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