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GMod - What are you working on? November 2018 (#86) Highlights from the previous thread @sleeppyy 's UI https://lolihaven.org/GHSQe https://lolihaven.org/bCWMY @Bizz 's sound system https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/wzuqbue2cfgcrlm/2018-10-10%2006-59-22.mp4 @Dr. Inco 's photorealistic water https://youtu.be/B5DQf0oz8sM @Nak 's weather mod https://youtu.be/d-V5tzAanL4 @JakeFromStateCS 's car decals https://i.imgur.com/6oTFXxd.jpg
Hey, I made highlights, that's awesome. Hope to see some neat posts this month, as well as to make some more progress on my project. GL Y'all
After making the bullet-shield, I noted that friends kept using RPG's and other 'physical' weapons. So I made an "Defense System", like the one from Rainbow 6 Siege. It detects grenades, RPG's and combine_balls. https://youtu.be/i3bVLA5Xiq8 I might nerf it a bit, as it can shoot 10 grenades/rpgs on a full charge. 1-3 sounds more reasonable. Not sure what it is for yet.
Been working on a render system for a while, adding features little by little, wanting it to look like the Looking Glass system from Prey, just gotta figure out how to add text and shapes. https://puu.sh/BVK6U/398931c0eb.jpg
I made a thing that parses raw midi files for shits and giggles. https://youtu.be/f-7sKKDvTIo
Here's a better upload, since the last one was too quiet. https://youtu.be/AG4rQE-EBRI I also quickly added in a thing to catch the note off events which gave the SENTs more character.
Haven't really done worked much lately, but today I bothered to do something for once, minor thing. https://streamable.com/kk37q
Holy shit, that's really well done! Good GUI design.
Not really a huge update, but took a couple hours to add for me until I was content with it. I added highlights for when you hover, a way to split items when clicking on slots with 2 or more items, a menu to split items either into an empty slot or into a slot with the same item (hold shift when dropping the item onto another). Basically a lot of UX https://streamable.com/75nxv
https://i.imgur.com/LAcaD1C.gifv https://youtu.be/yRzVG6TMDGM Been steadily working on this admin system for ages, finally getting close to a finished product(?) Gods players, prevents spawning of props, prevents arrests/un-arrests during sit, just added the refund where after RDM or RDA the player can get his/her last items back, quick claim is functional forgot to show in video. If refunded they are released from jail and given weapons back, if returned they sit out their time like the dirty rotten criminals they are. If a player disconnects while a suspect in a sit the victims and admins get a notification https://i.imgur.com/bhFp9UF.png https://i.imgur.com/WBlGUkM.png Store some stats, possibly plan to show some more like average time in sit or something of the sorts.
Soooo .. I found out that windows got some useful variables. https://youtu.be/2OmttTWHW9o
you're going too deep i love it
Thread is getting old, content ahoy, i've been updating my gmod dayz gamemode recently: https://ph129.net/i/files/4525i9z0.gif Slowly updating and polishing the UI, crafting/cooking recipes players do not know are now listed to give a better feel of progression. Integrated support for SNPC bases too; with the ability to turn into a zombie on death (something to do while you wait to respawn): https://ph129.net/i/files/t8Y3O3p5.gif Visible radiation area effects, basic to create but looks cool: https://ph129.net/i/files/G6Y0O6t3.gif
4 days .. damn better post something. Also been working on an inventory system for a gamemode. Fallout style. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107119/06a501d6-73eb-42e0-a1cf-76d17073cbc9/billede.png Sadly I have to render the model with render.blend(0.99). Then again, I shouldn't render models in HUDPaint. I tried to use RT_Textures, but couldn't get the transparency to work. Found a guy who had the same problem 5 years ago. Made two working meta-tables an a shared item_database. ( Warning! Lots of text. Skip to bottom if you don't want to read ) New net functions: --[[ Will only send the Item_ID and edited varables. Supports even dynamic varables like; Item.Potato = true ]] net.WriteItem( Item ) net.ReadItem() FS.AddItemBase( data ) --[[ Will create a new shared item. Allowing for inexpensive items ]] FS.CreateItem( [Item_ID][, Stack] ) --[[ Creates an Item-object ]] FS.SpawnItem( pos, Item ) --[[ Spawns the Item as an entity. The entity has the same ItemMetatable-functions. ]] ItemMetatable: Item:GetName() / :SetName(str) Item:GetIcon() / :SetIcon(str) --[[ Will return the item-model if not set ]] Item:GetModel() / :SetModel(mdl) Item:GetMaterial() / :SetMaterial(str) --[[ Overrides the material on the model]] Item:GetStack() / :SetStack(num) --[[ The amount of the given item ]] Item:GetDescription() / :SetDescription(str) Item:GetWeight() / :SetWeight(num) Item:GetComponents() / :SetComponents(tab) --[[A list of compoments when scrapping it]] Item:IsUsable() --[[Return true if it has a use-function]] Item( ply ) --[[Calls the use-function on the given player. Return false if not consumed]] Metatable compare functions Item == Item --[[ Will return true if both have the same Item_ID]] Item == Number --[[ Will return true if the item-stack is the same]] Item > or < Item / num --[[ Will return true if the item-stack is more or less]] Inventory system --[[ All inventories are synchronized with the players who have it open. Allowing more than one player to view the same inventory.]] EntityMetatable Entity:CreateInventory( [name], max_weight ) --[[Will generate a name from the model/npc if not set. -1 max_weight is unlimited.]] Entity:GetInventory() Entity:GetInventoryName() Entity:AddItem( Item ) --[[ Same as Inventory.AddItem ]] Entity:EmptyInventory( pos ) --[[ Drops all items at the given position ]] InventoryMetatable: Inventory:GetName() / :SetName( str ) Inventory:GetMaxWeight() / :SetMaxWeight( num ) Inventory:GetItems() Inventory:GetWeightUsed() Inventory:GetWeightLeft() SERVER Only Inventory:EmptyInventory( pos ) --[[ Drops all items at the given position ]] Inventory:AddItem( Item ) --[[Will automaticlly add itself to an item of same type. Will return false if there are no weight-space left]] Inventory:DropItem( inv_slot, amount, pos [, Dont update] ) Inventory:Update( ply or table_of_ply ) --[[Update the client-side inventory]] Inventory:OpenInventory(ply) --[[Make the player open the inventory. Useful if you want admins to see others inventory]] CLIENT Only Inventory:OpenInventory() --[[Requests the server to open the inventory. Server then checks if the client is allowed.]] Inventory:DropItem( inv_slot ,amount) --[[Will only work if you have opened the inventory]] Inventory:TakeItem( inv_slot ,amount) --[[Will only work if you have opened the inventory]] TL;DR: All items and inventories are object-oriented. Allowing for easy interactions and function calls, e.i; Item:GetName(). Hell, it even supports Item.variable = true and are super inexpensive to network (when given a shared Item_ID).
https://ph129.net/i/files/S6X703L3.gif Inventories sure are fun aren't they? Redesigned the UX of my inventory (right click menu etc), now supports item conditions. Aiming to make everything as self-explanatory as possible.
Indeed, the worst is always the interfaces. 20% of the work is the server checking the client-requests. 30% is the logic behind it. 50% is the HUD and interface. With my current system, I have to create 2 types of interfaces. One for containers and one for other. Hopefully it will be easier down the line with meta-tables, supporting any variables.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/305112/d7bf1fb2-0692-444a-bd31-aa3f5044f9bb/ 2018-11-11 20-12-21-092.jpg Currently working on a gamemode that will utilize a ranking system for in-game perks. Right now this is all I have, but when I keep working on the gamemode I'll post more pictures of/about it.
I saw that 1 bit dither punk is getting popular, so I decided to give it a go in Garry's Mod for shits and giggles. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/176557/6a3c9be3-c24f-4704-a763-3419581ca647/dithered.gif Here's the texturizer image I made. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/176557/6fcf0f72-668a-42c0-afce-6c1bcc1fe0af/dithered.png I used math.pow( 2, 5 ) for the scale.
https://youtu.be/edUsA1AAgpI Work-in-progress character menu
More inventory stuff, standardising and looting this time: https://ph129.net/i/files/l0U6k6F3.gif Including lootable entities with configurable contents based on model. Shared menu with all setup lootables (any entity with item table).
Just pushed StormFox out of beta with a new update. Time to update the old documents and API-list. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132466603 v1.4 (Highlights) - vFire support. SF will set the wind-direction and extinguish fire in rain. (Thanks to Vioxtar and his awesome mod) - Breakable windows now got rain on them. - Snow and other effects are now fixed on servers. (Thanks to Arny. Who knew iTextures are strings server-side?) - Rain are now 20-50% less taxing. Full change-log here: Steamcommunity.
Sorry for long post. Let me know if this content is right for this thread. I'm working on a tool gun in real life for some time now. It's a little big challenge, but whatever. The original plan was only to print the name of the current tool in the player's hand to the screen without any interaction, but now it starts to look a little like a game controller...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jn_RtYCZck For now, the work is mostly focused on a software. You can see only touch screen that will be attached to the toy gun with several electronics. In videos/photos here the touch screen is separated from the toy, because it's very uncomfortable working with all electronics modules together (and also I don't want to drain the battery, so it's plugged into a wall socket). The device will be completely wireless. For tests I did some time ago the battery/ies are empty quite quickly for a short time (approximately 35 minutes). Need to buy batteries with higher capacity. The basic purpose of the device is synchronizing the most settings from the Q menu (mainly spawn lists and tools) between real tool gun and tool gun in the game. For example now the device can download any list with props from the game to the device and spawn them in the game after I clicked on the specific icon on the touch screen (that explanation). Basically, I can spawn whatever prop I want. NOT WORKING WITH CUSTOM ADDONS (yet)! (Here the props are manually added) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2g-soY10ek It includes other categories like weapons, NPCs, SENTs too, but these are heavily bugged, so I can't show you. After I will fix other categories the next step will be the tool's part. I will be able to switch to any tool in the game and change the settings of the tool (moving with sliders, changing material/color) on the touch screen. (Downloaded some lists from the game) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107172/a96b42f1-abc1-4e9e-beb0-b8a33e9dd649/ezgif-2-fb580106ff4c.gif I had to make my own GUI with originally Derma design and communication with the game via wifi. The audio is working of course. Here you can see a concept how it might looks like (photo taken a month ago). Still lots of work to do. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107172/dde2451d-d395-4a0c-bddf-1c345ba13293/IMG_20181024_235625.jpg BONUS I managed to pair gyroscope with my device. In future I will try to make some "advanced stuffs" like setting the angle of the prop (like Weld Easy) or even manipulating with the player's view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-vI1oca9mU Let me know what you think.
That is gloriously awesome!
Made a thread here StormFox :P Got a few plans ahead .. but it all depends if the engine allows me.
you know they were replying to the guy who made the hardware right
Damn, I was sure I saw my name.
Oh thanks to everyone! I really appreciate it guys! I don't know what to do with that amount of coins. Don't worry Nak, the throne is now yours! I created a thread for this if you are more interested with extra info: Making a Tool gun in real life cough cough... I believe, this finally reach the next month highlights AFTER THOSE YEARS cough cough...
https://ph129.net/i/files/Q3i3U7f5.gif Settled on a final design for the inventory, categories are generated based on the folder name containing the item .lua. Unless i think of something better, this is the final design. You can click, drag or right click to interact with items. Whatever you prefer! Menu updates are local to the category, preventing reloading the entire menu on change and only updating the item etc.
Right click menu needs better color contrast on hover, maybe don't make the text black on dark colored background?
https://ph129.net/i/files/G0y8d5w1.gif Yeah, looks a lot better like that, thanks.
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