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GMod - What are you working on? December 2018 (#87) Highlights from the previous thread @MrRaubana 's MIDI player https://youtu.be/AG4rQE-EBRI @Nak 's weather mod https://youtu.be/2OmttTWHW9o @sabady 's real life toolgun https://youtu.be/4jn_RtYCZck https://youtu.be/N2g-soY10ek @Phoenixf129 's Inventory https://ph129.net/i/files/E2F6v7E2.gif https://ph129.net/i/files/61u6W0f0.gif @JakeFromStateCS 's Decal designer https://i.imgur.com/ENThTFK.mp4
@MrRaubana 's MIDI player Holy shit, I love it! Goodjob.
Second time in highlights! Thanks for including me. Hope to see some more progress from y'all. Also to make faster progress myself and actually get some stuff done.
Here's some more weapon ports I've been working on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqMTysmoD3I
https://youtu.be/GHCzXr0JJnU Working on adding players to a session mid-sit, capped at 5 additional players because no sit should require 5 extra people on top of a suspect and victim.
Decided that each action in the editor should probably have it's own modular structure because there are a ton of things that it could do to the element ( Rotate, mirror, move, duplicate, etc. ) which would span too many hooks n shit: /* Vehicle Decal System JakeFromStateCS vcals/modules/editor/actions/cl_move.lua */ ACTION = ACTION or {}; ACTION.Name = "Move"; ACTION.Icon = "/vcals/icons/Button_Symbol_Move.png"; ACTION.Active = false; ACTION.Hooks = {}; --[[ ACTION:SetPanel( VCals_CanvasElement/panel ): Set the panel in the canvas linked to the currently focused element ]]-- function ACTION:SetPanel( panel ) self.Panel = panel; end; --[[ ACTION:Start(): Stuff do do when you start the current action ]]-- function ACTION:Start() self.MouseX, self.MouseY = gui.MousePos(); self.Active = true; end; --[[ ACTION:End(): Stuff to do when you end the current action ]]-- function ACTION:End() self.Panel = nil; self.MouseX, self.MouseY = nil; self.Active = false; end; --[[ ACTION:Perform(): Stuff to do while performing the current action ( Assuming that it needs to happen over a period of time or w/e ) ]]-- function ACTION:Perform() local panel = self.Panel; local xPos, yPos = panel:GetPos(); local mouseX, mouseY = gui.MousePos(); local diffX, diffY = self.MouseX - mouseX, self.MouseY - mouseY; panel:SetPos( xPos - diffX, yPos - diffY ); self.MouseX = mouseX; self.MouseY = mouseY; end; --[[ Hooks ]]-- --[[ ACTION.Hooks:Think(): Just do the action ]]-- function ACTION.Hooks:Think() if( self.Active ) then self:Perform(); end; end;
Working on improving the Node-links for the .ain file reader and created a "fill" function. https://youtu.be/g5MQshZFNZI Green is the maps Node connections Blue is the generated Node connections (Will only scan if there are 4 or less connections and it determent the scan-length by adjacent nodes) (Yes, it does scan the gab between the nodes) This will be used for better AI path-finding for a gamemode I'm working on. The AI needs better paths, as I want it prefer darkness or localized fog and walk around/destroy buildings. The pathfinder currently supports: Max jump / jump-down Climb Pathfinding by hull-size and/or check-function Dynamic nodes on entities (Walk on entities) PS: For what I've read, .ain only supports 1500 nodes (Each a max of 30 links). So I wouldn't give large map-creators the fault for missing nodes. Still need tweaks as the generated links doesn't have hull data. The pathfinder is both server and client-side.
I did another thing with the MIDI stuff. Mostly experimenting right now. https://youtu.be/cXsmD7pgRgc
Seems like this would be useful for automatically generating clone hero charts or something
Added a few tools: Scale Fixed ( Maintains aspect ratio ) Scale Horizontal Scale Vertical Move Horizontal Move Vertical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA_jBwBOvpU
https://ph129.net/i/files/Q8s6V1G0.gif Wrote a proper handler for ragdolls, added burying. Also added Christmas mode which adds the typical Santa/Paper hats which are given as an item to players when they first join and equipped. Will be releasing my gamemode on workshop(if all works well) at Christmas.
Utilizing my .ain file-reader (+ a bit logic) .. and CS:GO being free .. https://youtu.be/d-Ma5Fj8V4w The rain-puddles are 100% clientside and at the same location on each client. The more rain .. the more rain-puddles.
$envmaptint won't do the trick?
Huh .. must have missed it. I'll give it a go. Thanks.
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