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Hi guys, I have a script that looks like this: function OnEvent(event, arg) OutputLogMessage("event = %s, arg = %d\n", event, arg) if (event == "PROFILE_ACTIVATED") then EnablePrimaryMouseButtonEvents(true) elseif event == "PROFILE_DEACTIVATED" then ReleaseMouseButton(2) end if (event == "MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED" and arg == 9) then recoil = not recoil spot = not spot end if (event == "MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED" and arg == 1 and recoil) then if recoil then repeat MoveMouseRelative(0, 2) Sleep(10) until not IsMouseButtonPressed(1) end end end I need to make "MoveMouseRelative(0, 2)" to increase in value over time.. Let's say it starts with (0, 0), then after a second its (0, 1), after 2 seconds it's (0, 2) etc etc, Any and all help greatly appreciated Thanks.
if it should happen by a limited amount, use a for loop, in that for loop use a timer.Simple that runs each second, and increases the variable by whatever amount you want. Also not sure if its because of the forums formation, but did you doe the script by having evrything in the left of every line without any spaces??
Hey man, this is a script for a Logitech G502 mouse, I just copied the code out as it was Could you help me edit the code with loop / timer.Simple? I'm a beginner at coding
that literally makes no sense. the code works with every mouse.. oh god. pls use some spaces/tabs to highlight functions etc..this code is awful to read if you cant even add for loops and a function yourself, you should go watch some lua basic tutorials
How often the event executes?
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