• DModelPanel not dragging with Panel:Receiver/Droppable
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So I have created two panels, using: Panel/Receiver Panel/Droppable The droppable panel has a DModelPanel on it, however when dragging it onto the receiver the DModelPanel is not shown while dragging, however the other elements are. Images (Latest 3): Steam Community
Not really a solution but I can suggest using SpawnIcon instead of a DModelPanel as a workaround.
Will be fixed in the next update.
If you can't wait till next update, use Rubat's solution in here Drag n drop and DModelPanel not working properly, how to fix
Thanks everyone
Can you demonstrate what you mean?
Right so, I am doing an inventory system, it uses slots. Each slot is made a receiver. Then each slot that has an entry has a backpanel which contains a painted background, then on top of that is a dmodelpanel, however as far as I know I can only make one of them droppable, I need to know how to make them drag with each other.
Just make the background droppable?
Yeah, that would work however, the dmodelpanel is on top of it and so you cannot drag it around.
loook into how drag and drop woks (its all lua) and call the onmousepress and all the other hooks used by dragndrop on the parent panel from the dmodel panel. that should work.
When I get back to working on it I'll probably do that, thanks for the help
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