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GMod - What are you working on? January 2019 (#88) Highlights from the previous thread @Spencer Sharkey 's game https://youtu.be/lCtLSZLhvLs @Berkark 's skyrim chest https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/176348/52c3b4f4-b188-4f51-bcf4-6ac0a115be42/download.png @MemeMarine 's weapon customisation https://youtu.be/s-ZFxki_dZU @dvd_video 's track assembly system https://youtu.be/LOcPInCF5FU
Adding more and more features to gang system https://streamable.com/lxox5
https://youtu.be/OZWKw2pdNRY damage things? registration is a bit wonky atm but sorting it as I go along
Made the rows look more pleasing, separated offline and online members and added a filter for roles, completed the roles configuration menu, and made the UI work with image backgrounds (gangs can buy backgrounds for their gang menu if they please) https://streamable.com/7shiy
Started working on Basewars gamemode from ground up... https://x0.at/f7q.webm
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Completely rebuilt my entire customization system and UI. Code is a lot cleaner, the UI is a lot more scalable, and it should be a lot more versatile. That means I have to rebuild my AKM, but I got absolutely sick of that thing so I did an AR model I had instead. Starts as an AR-15, but you can turn it into practically any AR-pattern rifle. It's not done yet - the weapon - but the systems should all be in place. https://youtu.be/ZWFWrOuvyE8
i made a resolution scaling thingy for gui cuz derma sucks and i draw my own stuff local res = { {name = "5:4", v1 = 5, v2 = 4, s = 2, ar = 1.25}, {name = "4:3", v1 = 4, v2 = 3, s = 2, ar = 1.33}, {name = "16:10", v1 = 16, v2 = 10, s = 5, ar = 1.60}, {name = "16:9", v1 = 16, v2 = 9, s = 5, ar = 1.78} } local mw, mh, d for _,v in pairs(res) do if math.Round( ScrW() / ScrH(), 2 ) == math.Round( v.ar, 2 ) and ScrW() != 740 and ScrH() != 480 then print( "\n" ) print( ScrW(), ScrH() ) print( ScrW() / v.v1, ScrH() / v.v2 ) print( v.v1, v.v2 ) print( "\n" ) mw = math.Round( ScrW() / v.v1 ) * v.s mh = math.Round( ScrH() / v.v2 ) * v.s else mw, mh = 400, 400 end d = v.ar end local x = ( ScrW() / d ) - ( mw + 7 ) --base x local tx = ( ScrW() / d ) - ( mw - 4 ) --base tx (text x)
Did a couple things recently. Added player timers that display on the HUD and go away accordingly. Also finished a progress bar, type deal, to display the action of healing. https://youtu.be/mAvPN60YUO4 https://youtu.be/PeH39tcg2Do
Why not just use ScreenScale()?
Not much of a visual update for StormFox. Made a BSP reader This will allow me to locate all textures and entities (incl staticprops like trees) in a short time span. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107119/b0a4b698-87be-44dd-8f12-2c06aad60d9e/billede.png
I'd recommend client-side. I doubt anyone will notice it and the less work the server has the better.
I was working on some LED advert panels, some sort of text screens, but use some text animation and nice LED look like font. Also support russian text, and saving via perma props. Gonna release it in workshop, If you like it. https://youtu.be/dtiTrCXum6o https://i.imgur.com/MqQr0jU.gifv
Added stages to my Battle Pass (credits for back-end code: @CupCakeR) https://lolihaven.org/VRfyQ Converted my store to have ranks, and discount ranks based off if they already have a rank, uses a back-end donation system that's separate from the admin mod https://lolihaven.org/fuwDt
Found FFT stuff, check these 2 years old scripts out XD https://x0.at/sue.webm https://x0.at/K2Z.webm
Found another old tasty lua scripts :p Player has music parser, but it's useless since VK API is no longer available https://x0.at/35E.webm https://x0.at/5MK.webm
One of the major problems with weathermods, is soundscapes playing conflicting sounds. Birds doing a storm or forest_day doing the night. Made my own soundscape script that replaces sources default one. Controlled by the client. https://youtu.be/T4lwXZEQT2I This will give me full control over the soundscape. However, env_soundscape_triggerable will remain broken for now.
lol I want that.
Added a recruitment system in-game where your gang can be listed on for a set amount of money hourly (withdrawn from the gang's bank) If you want to you can be on a featured list, which will always be shown on top when you open up the recruitment part of the menu Heavily WIP, the non settings menu is lacking lots of stuff but just thought it was a cool thing https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520626103035887647/537051053418610700/Xq5Th.png https://lolihaven.org/WkOEm
Working on a Musical VGUI that uses a players own sound folder to play any music they want to in game! still a very big WIP https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113510/99d1ba0a-acdb-4e77-8a70-06ce1298f03e/Screenshot_24.png
I always thought it would be kinda cool to create rooms with simple properties like size and amount of doors textures etc. So I thought why not, first I got the basic mesh generation done and room data. https://youtu.be/7MaNiHJ-Whs Once that worked I put a floor and ceiling to it and got pretty much working rooms with full collisions. https://youtu.be/nJ_Dj3CPHVw As you can see the textures are slightly off but I'll address that next. I'll probably release this as a Tool once everything works as expected, there are some issues moving the rooms around with the physgun and some textures for walls don't render probably because I didn't compute the normals.
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