• I want to do moneyed jobs
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I want someone to pay to enter the profession like I want to be hitman then there will be amount for that and If i dont pay i cant join. Can you tell me if there is a setting on the darkrp or are there addon for that (sorry for my bad english)
I am trying to say like Leage Of Legends buy system when you try to enter the job you must unlocked first
So you want to make it so that a player has to buy a job before being able to use it?
I would add additional player data of player's job purchases and implement in job selector. But it's not one string of code and not one script. It's good if you understand and can make by yourself. But if you want but doesn't have skills you should better go to find (hire) coder. I can describe some parts of your idea as I see it
ok thx for help
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