• Stop rendering name through wall
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I made this script really quick and the problem is that i can see players through the wall and because im not using 3d2d camera stuff i dont know how to make it work correctly this is what i have soo far (everything is clientside) //  Clientside Convars CreateClientConVar( "nametags_enable", 1, true, false ) CreateClientConVar( "nametags_drawname", 1, true, false ) CreateClientConVar( "nametags_drawrank", 1, true, false ) CreateClientConVar( "nametags_drawself", 1, true, false ) ply = LocalPlayer() hook.Add("HUDPaint","drawnametags",function() local EnableLabels = GetConVarNumber("nametags_enable") local DrawName= GetConVarNumber("nametags_drawname") local DrawRank = GetConVarNumber("nametags_drawrank") local DrawSelf = GetConVarNumber("nametags_drawself") if EnableLabels > 0 then for id, target in pairs(ents.FindByClass("Player")) do if target:Alive() then local name = tostring(target:Nick()) local targetPos = target:GetBonePosition(target:LookupBone("ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1") ) + Vector(0,0,20) local targetDistance = math.floor((ply:GetPos():Distance(targetPos))/40) local targetScreenpos = targetPos:ToScreen() // Varibles local yName = targetScreenpos.y - targetDistance - 35 local Multiplier = 25   // Draw Name   local TeamColor = team.GetColor( target:Team())   local finishedcolor = ColorAlpha( TeamColor, 255 - targetDistance*Multiplier )   local rankcolor =  finishedcolor - Color(55,55,55)   if target:GetNWBool("IsVanished") == true then   else     if DrawName > 0 then // Draw Name   draw.DrawText( string.upper(target:Name()), "DermaLarge", targetScreenpos.x, yName, finishedcolor, 1 )   end   if DrawRank > 0 then // Draw Rank   draw.DrawText( string.upper(target:GetUserGroup()), "ChatFont", targetScreenpos.x, yName + 27, rankcolor, 1 )   end   end else end end end end)
You can use util.TraceLine() to check fully visibleness of player. The solution is easy to use but the catch is it's a line, so if only this vector is visible whole drawing renders. Either way is to use util.PixelVisible(). It has radius thing which can be more useful in this way. If you want me to create a code example or finish your code, reply next
Honestly i dont know tracing works i will look into it but if you finish it would be nice too
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