• attempt to call field 'Recieve' (a nil value)
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I was following {CODE_BLUE} tutorial on gamemode creation at the round controller part. I followed what he did but I seem to get this error: attempt to call field 'Recieve' (a nil value) The code used is here: round_status = 0 -- 0 = end 1 = start if SERVER then          util.AddNetworkString("UpdateRoundStatus")          function StartRound()         round_status = 1         UpdateRoundStatusClient()     end          function EndRound()         round_status = 0         UpdateRoundStatusClient()     end          function GetRoundStatus()         return round_status     end          function UpdateRoundStatusClient()         net.Start("UpdateRoundStatus")             net.WriteInt(round_status, 4)         net.Broadcast()     end end if CLIENT then     net.Recieve("UpdateRoundStatus", function(len)         round_status = net.ReadInt(4)     end)          function GetRoundStatus()         return round_status     end end
I see nothing wrong?
your spelling its Receive not Recieve
You have a typo. It should be Receive, not Recieve.
Ah, ffs. Thanks guys.
If you use VSCode (or any other editor but VSCode > everything) I can recommend to install a gLua syntax highlighter like this one for example.
Is there one for notepad++ Since the ones I have found don't work.
Try Sublime Text 3. (It has Gmod syntaxes in plugin manager) Or Notepad++ GLua Highlighter
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