• SWEP Construction Kit help.
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I have been making weapons for fun for some time now, but I still kinda suck at it, after making some weapons with the normal weapon_base, I decided to make some weapons using the SWEP Construction Kit, after a short while I got the hang of it, but I still can't figure out how to make it actually aim when I press right click, I don't know how to change the sound that the weapon makes when it fires, changing the local ShootSound doesn't work, and lastly, changing the Swep Primary Delay doesn't affect the weapon at all, this means I can only really make semi-automatic weapons, as changing it to automatic would make it some sort of admin gun. I have looked everywhere around the internet, but I can't find a solution for these problems, please help.
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If I had to recommend something I would honestly say try to make a nice SWEP on TFA Base. It’s all fairly simple actually. They have a discord where you can ask for help and have an entire template SWEP that you can edit for what you need. its a complex base that’s easy to do simple things on and fairly easy to do complex things on. It’s all just a lot of float, integer, bool and string values that makes it very easy for a beginner to have a SWEP for as the base will do most of the cool stuff for you.
Thanks, I'll try it out.
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