• How remove TraceLine?
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local Tr = util.TraceLine{ start = Pos, endpos = Pos +Aim *self.Range, filter = player.GetAll(), } Tr:Remove() not work
util.TraceLine returns a table of the trace results.
That is how to remove?
Tr = {}; ?
You can't remove a trace after it's already been run. What re you trying to do?
A trace is not a physical entity, think of it more like an operation that gives you certain data. You cannot remove it, because it was not really 'created'.
Thanks for info.
If you want to delete the entity that your tracer hit, just do trace.Entity:Remove() Be sure to verify if trace.Entity is valid
If you want to empty the trace result table from contents just go table.Empty(Tr); Tr = nil; collectgarbage()
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