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So im just chillin in my server and this player got banned by anti cheat but his script got in server side and started giving people money etc. Its looks EXACTLY like this (found it ): Its really weird and idk how to fix this exploit/hack because i never saw something like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EVSZfsH4sw
It could be that some addon you have has an exploit
Looks like a hack called Defqon which is just a russian hack that uses exploits and code from other hacks. Your server has a backdoor.
As title says it's not, but they are working in same way. It's lua injector and it's a backdoor on your server. Backdoors can be caught most likely in leaked addons (which are paid but you download somehow free from some site) but there's some backdoors in popular addons on Steam Workshop
what the heck is a lua injector
Special .dll extension that loads in GMod and can run any lua code on clientside without any sv_allowcslua Demo: https://puu.sh/CuFQ9/db317a4871.gif
Check for network strings that look very suspicious. https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/util/AddNetworkString
Ahem... For servers like DarkRP it's useless. They can have a lot nets. And you will never know who has backdoor. Bacuse it can be even a ULX net
Yes i think some of workshop addons maybe have backdoors but not sure and my addons folder i paid some addons on gmodstore but my scripter does put some addons in, i check his addons when he adds them to my server like lua files but i never see something Yea Defquon has the same function but idk if its defquon or other hacks. And i know i could use gmad to extract any addons from workshop but i dont have time for that (school) because i have SO MANY ADDONS : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1570232134 Does someone know a backdoor finder or detecter like on crident networks? So i dont have to search a small lone of addons and maybe even not find one.
Actual backdoor finder is a cheat : )
First this is not new, its a network exploit, you could have gotten it if you installed a leaked addon as most of leaked addons contain code that can do this, i would advise you scanning your server for backdoors, you can also install SNTE, incase an admin did it. keep in mind while this is on your server your server data can be reset and client data can be reset too so. you better have a server backup or Something. i will link you my network scanner if i find it, its fully clientside
I would like to point out that despite the results provided by SNTE, it is not at all made to counter malicious codes of this kind (if the server is infected by a backdoor there is a one in two chance that the "hacker" kill SNTE in one line :( ), a friend added the list of net backdoor as a minimal measure to catch naive cheaters... then it would be good to add a more elaborate system but the problem is still the same > it will disturb DRMs > it will remain bypassable in any case (after if people have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them)
I know SNTE wouldnt fix it, but its an extra security measure they could use, because it could be from their staff team, to actually remove it, it has to be removed manually
Looks like a kid found this old shit and decided to change some images of it and claim it as theirs? Dancing Skeletons
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