• Preventing First Person Death Clipping
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Hey all, I've got a first person death view going on in my gamemode, but if you die a particular way, the camera will clip through the world and you can just see the skybox. I'm looking for a way to stop the camera from going through the world when you're laying on the ground. Here is a snippet: hook.Add("CalcView", "nacl_death_view", function(ply, origin, angles, fov) if ply:Alive() then return end local rag = ply:GetRagdollEntity() if !IsValid(rag) then return end local eyes = rag:GetAttachment(rag:LookupAttachment("eyes")) local view = { origin = eyes.Pos, angles = eyes.Ang, fov = 90 } return view end)
It's because ragdoll entity is created slightly late player's death
Add znear = 1in to the view table, that you are returning.
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