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i have recently started getting into coding for gmod and have made my own printer and i am wanting to add a button to the printer to upgrade it or to run a command or something, i have done a lot of research on how to do this but have only found stuff about vgui menus but i made my printer using the 3d2d things here is my code **WARNING MY CODE ISNT THE BEST** cl_init.lua >> https://pastebin.com/p98xZ5jX init.lua >> https://pastebin.com/S4hSBWUm shared.lua https://pastebin.com/5LKXXxCJ
You can look at 3d2d MGUI Use it on your printer or learn how it was done. If you want make non-3d2d button (just press printer anywhere) you can use ENT:Use
hey Spar, whenever i put the button code into my code it just gives me a lot of errors, i am trying to use this code to upgrade a printer (change a var) but if i click anywhere else i want it to collect the money from the printer which i already have set up
Show your code for button. We'll see
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