• I need help with DarkRP Lua
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Alright , here's the first problem: -When you create a DarkRP server (Dedicated or not) , it has jobs added already into it , now I couldn't find these jobs anywhere in the lua . I want some of them removed , some edited , not important really , I just need you to tell me where these are located and if cannot be edited , can they be removed at least (I can re-add jobs on my own then). -Second problem: I added the Drug Dealer job TEAM_DRUG and used the Durgz addon , everything was cool , but you see I didn't download content (From steam) and basically the way you get those drugs sucked , so I removed these from shipments and addon. The problem is , they are still in-game for the job Drug Dealer.
Couldnt use google i guess? "disable darkrp default jobs" result v 2.5.x "create darkrp jobs" result DarkRP
just disable the default darkrp stuff in the configs bruv
Looks like i'm brining out this tool again. Click Here
^You can stop commenting , fixed a while ago after the first reply to this. I was searching youtube (What a dummass) , but not google. Problem is in my brain not the Notepad++.
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