• Can I change suit/health charger max charge?
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Well. I'm bad at scrolling through Entity/GetSaveTable and that's how I've tried to find my answer here. I know I can set the current charge with an ent_fire command... but I can't find any way to change the maximum charge, and sk_suitcharger seems to be completely defunct now! I'm also curious about health chargers. I don't want the need to script my own charger SENT, so I'm hoping there's an easier way. So, I don't know how to change how frequently suit/health chargers restock, and I don't know of any way to raise their recharged value. Could someone please help me out?
I withdraw the question, apparently SetCharge changes the recharge value as well.
Just in case you missed it, I answered you in your other thread How can I convert an entity output to a Lua variable?
Yes, you did, but regret to inform you of a misreading I guess. You tested my problem by only charging suit armor to 100, but I set the citadel charger flag so the player can charge to 200. I want this. I want to charge to 200. For me, the animation is not working as well as it is for you. Maybe it would work without the flag, but then I'm limited to charging a suit to 100 rather than 200. I want 200.
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