• Inventory Pickup for custom entity
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Hi. Do you know how can I make my entity pickable by SWEP "Inventory Pickup". Thanks ;-) P.S. I have the same ticket in the section "Garrys Mod" by my bad. Could you delete it please?
You could do it manually. Using Collision between Playe and Entity and the giving a sperate SWEP + deleting the entity
On primary fire, check what the player is looking at, if it's able to be picked up remove the ent and add it to the inventory.
Nah. Look. I have tried to do it with drugz addon it works well but there is no checking and etc.
local ent = self:GetOwner():GetEyeTrace().Entity That should be used to check if the owner is looking at an entity. To make it so the owner can not pick up certain entities, the only way that I could think of is to create a blacklist. So you would need to create a table full of entities and compare if ent is equal to that table to deny being picked up. However, there could be a simpler way. I've just never found one.
(it sounds like) he's asking for help with the paid addon "ItemStore," which has the SWep "Inventory Pickup" if that's so, go start a support ticket over there
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