• Dynamic PVS adding with a lot of players.
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I'm currently working on a "Camera" System using render.RenderView. For this to work i need to add PVS for the places where my cameras are. This seemed to work but when placed on a server with a lot of players it seemed to create crashes: The end of the console log reads: ``` [16:31:00] area(1==50462976, 2==18) >= numareas (36):  Check if engine->ResetPVS() was called from ClientSetupVisibility [16:31:00] Segmentation fault (core dumped) [16:31:00] cat: hlds.8.pid: No such file or directory [16:31:00] email debug.log to linux@valvesoftware.com [16:31:00] Tue Feb  5 16:31:00 UTC 2019: Server Quit ``` My Code: ```lua hook.Add("SetupPlayerVisibility", "EGMRPHolocam.PVSVisibility", function(ply, viewEntity)     local cameras = EGMRPHolocam:GetCamerasInRange(ply:GetPos())     for _, cameraId in pairs(cameras) do         local camera = ents.GetByIndex(cameraId)         if IsValid(camera) then             local pos = camera:GetPos()             if not util.IsInWorld(pos) then continue end             if ply:TestPVS(pos) then continue end             AddOriginToPVS(pos)         end     end end) ``` This was the code i used. In our full server enviroment (~80-90 Players) there were about 20 cameras max being returned for the "EGMRPHolocam:GetCamerasInRange" Function. It seemed to work for some time but random crashes did happen a few times until we removed the Addon. Does anyone have any ideas how to prevent those pesky crashes while still implementing this feature?
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