• Check player money [DARKRP]
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Hello facepunch, i have a problem. I need a SWEP code to check the person opposite for money
You can you use: LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace.Entity and LocalPlayer():getDarkRPVar("money")
Okey, thanks. But for me, Lua is something new and I do not understand it(
We don't spoonfed here. If you want the code: Go here We can explain you something (not give a working code) or give a tip for your code that you have written yourself. (not copypasted) Otherwise, use Google for searching the DarkRP wiki
Why such hatred for new ones? I do not ask for the full code, all that was given to me, I was so.
you said you didn't understand lua, which can only mean you want the code. no. go learn it using the link provided.
Use the Garry's Mod Wiki and lua.org
you can help?
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