• load & unload entities w. lua
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Hey ahm as i have just a very small knowledge of lua coding... does anyone know whats the problem on this code? I wanted too make a lua script that load/enable unload/disable hammer entities like a prop_dynamic with a specific name why and for what do i need this script? well i always was amazed about how valve put multiple gamemodes in one map like they did on L4D in the older source engine versions -> hl2 you cant do that as gmod for example has no info_gamemode where u can set a custom gamemode which can use in/outputs on entities info_gamemode (i know it exist in gmod but it doesnt work that well... and as i said you cant set custom gamemodes) so i thought it is possible if you do it with a lua script so i put some stuff together and i think this here is the way how you can do it but for some reason if i set a prop like prop_dynamic disabled on start you cant enable it with this script is there a reason why? or is there someone who could do something about this? // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // if engine.ActiveGamemode() == "terrortown" then     for _,ent in ipairs(ents.FindByName("TTT")) do         ent:SetKeyValue( "StartDisabled", "0")     end end // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // PS: sorry for my horrible english.
You can make an entity that fires output you'd want yourself and use it in Hammer on your map.
okay? doesnt know that thanks gonna give it a try but i just wanted something simple eh ^^'
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