• GM:EntityEmitSound DSP Spatial Audio
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This is what I need to give a sound played by an entity an effect, but unfortunately it seems once I set one, the audio is no longer spatial and will play in both ears as if you were looking straight at it, regardless of which way I am looking from the source. Is there any way I can get around this?
could be a stupid question but it's all that comes to my mind, did you put a ) as the first character in the sound path in-code?
Unfortunately, appending that prefix doesn't work like it would normally. t.SoundName = ")"..t.SoundName It doesn't seem like it's possible and to me that kind of defeats some of the purpose of this feature
Only .wav's support special sound characters for directional sound and whatnot IIRC, check Soundscripts . Also try it with a .wav instead .ogg, and it is probably better if you make it stereo. Try experimenting with it, if it won't work, probably an engine limitation.
Ive used the prefixes on .ogg plenty of times since the server almsot exclusively uses .ogg. if they dont support it for this specific situation, thats a bummer
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