• Connecting entity limits togeather
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I was wondering if there were some way of connecting different entity limits together as one. Lets say someone buys a level 1 printer from the f4 menu, then it should count as one for all the printers. So players are only able to buy. Lets say 4 printers in all. Then he can decide if he wants 4 of the level 3 printers or maybe one level 1 printer and three level 4 printers. Hope there is someone who knows which codes are needed for this to work. -LucaReno
Wait, what? what does this has to do with entity limits? I dont get what you want..
And i know together is spelled wrong in the headline. I don't think i can change it now
Hooks/Shared/canBuyCustomEntity ents.GetAll You will essentially want to grab all the entities with those 3 classes and count up how many of each the player owns. Add them all up and see if the sum equals your limit. I believe you can get the entities owner via it's SID variable which I can only assume is the player's steamid (though I haven't actually tested it). If that isn't the case, you can also use Hooks/Server/playerBoughtCustomEntity to set an entity's owner yourself.
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