• Friends cant join/find server
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my Server file: hostname "TTT my start file: srcds.exe my console after starting: Console initialized. FIND [C latest log ile. L 02/10/2019 (i know that there are some addon incompatible, im gonna remove them soon. I hope that you canhelp me, i can dd teh server to favourites and can join it,my freind add it to favourite and dont see the server or its not responding, ive opend the ports and even in the firewall and made an excaption fot the .bat file that starts the server. We even tried to join with hamachi but it stil didnt work, we were all 3 in a network and the server was running, but still it didnt show up for them. ty for you help.
are you just making a server for your friends and you?
I would say for the test phase yes, but i dont wanna do it about hamachi, after that maybe others coule join.
so you want to have a puplic server in the end
Pretty much yes, eigentlich schon.
english only.
Didnt mean to but good to know. i pressed acidently on the words, it added them in that order.
Everything depends from the structure of your network. If your home network look like this, obviously - you have to configure the router. And I bet it's not the gmod's fault. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133429/30bb8eb4-fe5f-4141-98be-3a1154b315ff/router.png Trust me. I know what I'm saying.
well but what esle can i do other than open the ports?
if you wanna host a server from your own pc thats literally the only thing you can do
But how? How can Host it?
forwarding port...
Ask your internet provider for white IP address, yours is probably grey, I had a similar issue some time ago. That's not 100% the case, but it won't hurt to try.
What is a "white" or "gray" ip adress.
White IP address means that other clients all over the internet can discover your PC by that address, grey means your IP is local to your provider network. At least that's what my support dude told me and I have no reason not to trust these words.
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